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Five tips for managing extroverted employees

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Extroverts are significantly different from introverts in the way they work, relate to other people, learn and communicate. It is, hence, essential that extroverted employees be managed in a different way from introverted ones, in order to keep them motivated and enable them to give their best to their work.

SupportBiz lists five tips for effective management of extroverted employees.

1.     Allow them to express themselves verbally.

Extroverted employees need to talk in order to express themselves best. They are at their creative best while they are talking, and that is the way their thinking develops. Hence, in order to get the best out of your extroverted employees, encourage them to talk.

Create situations where they can verbally discuss their ideas, problems, and feedback.

2.     Allow opportunities for interaction.

Extroverted employees are usually comfortable in positions that require interaction. Hence, they would do well if you put them in jobs wherein they interact with clients and other external parties, and attend conferences and other events.

This way, the employee would be working in a role that suits him/her, and has been tailored according to his/her personality, boosting morale and productivity greatly. Such an employee will be highly satisfied and happy. As a small business owner, you stand to gain from the increased productivity of such employees, too.

However, you need to ensure that you do not discriminate between your employees on the basis of their personalities. Ensure that each employee of yours is given equal opportunities, based on his/her traits and the positions he/she is most comfortable in.

3.     Allow for group work.

Extroverted employees work best in a group, usually. The exchange of ideas, suggestions and energy in a group adds fuel to their creativity and productivity, and they give their optimum in such a situation. Ensure that you allow for group work when you hire extroverted employees.

However, it is necessary to make sure, from time to time, that the extroverted employee is not dominating his/her group.

4.     Offer verbal cues.

Extroverted employees understand verbal cues better than non-verbal ones.

Hence, whenever you are conversing with your extroverted employees, ensure that you communicate ideas, work plans, feedback and suggestions to them verbally, rather than over e-mail.

5.     Help in balancing their energy flows.

Extroverted employees have the best of energy flows when they are verbally communicating. Most extroverts do not particularly enjoy the times when they need to work alone, and their energy flows are usually the lowest during these times.

Help your extroverted employees balance their flows of energy, so that they can give their best to work. Arrange for meetings after a period of an extroverted employee having worked solo, so that they perk up with the verbal discussion.