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Five tips for fire prevention at the workplace

A fire at the workplace can cause serious losses to your business, both in terms of good employees and valuable data and other assets. Not only that, it might also adversely impact your prestige among the general public.

It is advisable to be vigilant against a fire in the workplace at all times, and to take sufficient precautionary measures well in advance.

SupportBiz presents some tips for the prevention of a fire at the workplace.

Maintain fire extinguishers

Keep the kind of fire extinguishers suitable for your workplace in office. Have them inspected regularly, and kept in perfect working condition. Ensure that each one of your staff members is trained in what to do when there is a fire in office, including using fire extinguishers. In case of a fire, this will help you control it immediately, ensuring that it does not spread too much.

Be careful with smoking

Designate an area outside your workplace for your employees to smoke in. Ensure that people do not smoke at or around their work desks, or anywhere else inside the office. Also, make sure that there is a suitable receptacle for cigarette butts and matchsticks, so that lit ones do not cause a fire hazard at the workplace.

Check power strips regularly

Make sure that all power strips and extension cords used in your workplace bear only the load specified for them, legally. Placing too much load on them, beyond their capacity, can give rise to a short circuit, ultimately leading to a fire at the workplace. Have all power strips and extension cords checked regularly by an electrician, to ensure that they are in good working condition.

Maintain all equipment regularly

Have all the electrical equipment in your office checked regularly. Ensure that there are no frayed wires or any other potential fire hazards. Make sure that you use good quality, original electrical equipment, instead of pirated versions, which are more prone to short circuits and fire hazards.

Be clutter-free

Keep all areas in your office free of clutter. Ensure that flammable liquids are stored away from the smoking area, work desks, garbage bins and near electrical equipment. Make sure that all entry and exit ways into/from the office are free of clutter, so that evacuation is easy in case of a fire. Moreover, being clutter free will ensure that an unexpected fire does not occur in case of something flammable accidentally landing on a piece of paper, or something similar. Check your office building personally, regularly, for fire hazards and any difficulties in evacuation of staff. Have any obstacles removed at the earliest.


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