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Five tips to deal with workplace conflicts

Conflicts at the workplace are a major cause for decrease in morale, increase in stress levels and a reduction in productivity. That said, workplace conflicts are inevitable, since an organisation comprises of many individuals – each with their own role to play – who might have differing views about things.

SupportBiz presents some tips for you, as a small business owner, can deal with workplace conflicts effectively.

Try to find common ground

When two parties at the workplace are in conflict with each other, try to find some common ground which both of them can agree on. This will help you resolve the conflict in an easier manner, and rebuild lost rapport.

Appreciate differences

There are bound to be differing viewpoints among the employees in a workplace, and different people wanting to solve a certain problem in their own way. In your role as a small business owner, you should try to build an organisational culture that appreciates differences between employees and learns from these differing viewpoints. Teach your employees to accept that the viewpoints of other colleagues might be different from their own, and to not be condescending towards them.

Consider both sides of the coin

It is crucial that you listen to both sides of the story before attempting to resolve a conflict in your workplace. Do not indulge in favouritism or prejudice of any kind, but listen to the views of both warring parties with an open mind. It is important that both parties get the space to express their opinions without feeling embarrassed or intimidated. Weigh the pros and cons of both viewpoints before you reach a final conclusion.

Understand the root cause

Do not be concerned only with finding temporary fixes to any conflicts that arise in your workplace. Be willing to dig deep, and understand the root causes of such conflicts. Are the backgrounds of both parties too different? Are their ego problems or other personal causes behind the conflicts? Try to eliminate these root causes, instead of just trying to find a quick fix or putting off the conflict temporarily.

Consider the greater organisational good

When two parties in your workplace are in conflict, consider the greater good of your organisation while trying to resolve it. Find a middle path, which will ultimately work for the betterment of your organisation, where both parties feel that their needs have been listened to and neither feels that they have to overly compensate.