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Five tips to build a strong work culture for females

Building a good culture for females in the workplace will improve your reputation as an equal-opportunities employer, who does not subscribe to gender inequality. Moreover, such a work culture will be healthy and well balanced, and you will be able to attract the best of talents.

SupportBiz presents five tips on how you can build a strong workplace culture for females.

Study your recruitment and employee growth policies.

Study the recruitment, remuneration and employee growth policies adopted by your firm. Ensure that all of these policies are gender-neutral, and that there is no discrimination happening anywhere. Work towards building career ladders that both males and females in your organisation can use equally. Shrink the gap between the remuneration offered to male and female candidates for the same jobs.

Maintain a 30:70 employee ratio.

Ensure that you maintain at least a 30:70 ratio of female to male employees in your organisation. This should be true across all groups in your workplace. Study your staff register over the past decade, and ensure that you have hired an increasing number of women employees over the years. Make sure that all the tools that you use for hiring, from social media and your website to consultants and online advertisements, reflect the fact that you are a gender-neutral employer.

Offer work-life balance.

Make sure that you offer a proper work-life balance to female employees at all levels in your organisation. This will enable them to give their best to work, at the same time managing their homes and raising their families. It will improve employee morale and productivity, and also help in reducing absenteeism and labour turnover. Ensure that your managers at all levels support flexibility to women employees, allowing them to pursue both their career and personal objectives simultaneously.

Ensure team bonding.

Undertake activities that help in efficient bonding between the male and female employees in your organisation. This will not only help in the development of team spirit, but also help your male employees develop empathy and sympathy for the problems faced by your female employees in maintaining a work-life balance. Launch mentorship programmes at the workplace, where both male and female employees are equally represented as mentors. This will give women a chance to prove themselves, and men a chance to see how well women can perform, if given a chance to prove themselves.

Study conflicts attentively.

If you wish to create an inclusive work culture for women employees and keep them happy, you should make a serious attempt to study the areas of conflict faced by them. Pay close attention to the complaints of women employees, and study what disgruntles them. Do they feel they are being stereotyped? Are their problems not being understood by their managers or co-workers? Do they think they are not being fairly treated? Are they victims of sexual harassment at the workplace? Ensure that such complaints are effectively resolved at the earliest possible.