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Five tips to beat the Monday morning blues

Many of us suffer from Monday morning blues given the fact that we just do not want to get out of bed Monday mornings. Here are five tips that can help you rid yourself of the blues.

Organise your weekends

Allocate sufficient time for chores and recreation on the weekends. If you have to work, try finishing it on a Saturday. Do something fun as the weekend draws to a close You are bound to wake up cranky on a Monday if you end up working all weekend.


Start your Mondays with exercise. A brisk walk or a run through the park; a swim sets the pace for the day and will definitely lift your spirits.

Enjoy breakfast

Some of you might end up being moody all day Monday if you skip breakfast. An empty stomach can drive you nuts. The advantage of waking up early is that you get enough time to sip on coffee and enjoy your breakfast.

Think positive

Work-related stress might have driven you crazy the previous week. Forget about it. Start your Monday on a positive note. A good mood can help you solve a really bad problem from the previous week.

Jump right into work

Do not procrastinate. Remember that every hour of delay will force you to spend extra time at the office, after everybody else has left for the day. Jump right into work. Set hourly deadlines and finish tasks within the hour.