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The different types of workplace bullying

Bullying at the workplace is a serious issue that needs to be identified and resolved at the earliest possible.

Workplace bullying can cause a drop in employee morale and problems among your staff. It can also lead to absenteeism and high employee turnover. Often, it causes the overall productivity of a firm to fall. Also, it disrupts the positive work environment of a firm, making it one full of hostility and struggle.

To protect his/her business form the evil effects of workplace bullying, a small business owner needs to take strong steps against it. In order to deal effectively with workplace bullying, it is essential to understand the different types of bullying that exist.

Bullying using malicious jokes

There are bullies who spread malicious jokes about the flaws of other employees. They might make direct or indirect hurtful remarks about employees, enough to damage the other person’s self-esteem. Often, when confronted, such bullies say that they were just joking. Such bullies typically blame other employees for not having a good enough sense of humour. Usually, these bullies are passive-aggressive.

Bullying by spreading gossip

Some bullies spread hurtful gossip about their targets among other employees, behind their back. They are not openly confrontational or aggressive, but resort to hurting their targets with inflammatory rumours about them. Often, these rumours have no basis to them. The main intention of this kind of bully is to isolate his/her targets at the workplace by turning everyone else against them, using rumours. They largely operate in a passive-aggressive manner.

Bullying by shouting

Shouting is a type of workplace bullying that is extremely common. Such bullies shout at other employees in order to get a benefit from them. He/she frightens employees with a raised voice. In ordinary circumstances, such a person might be very friendly and charming. Often, employees give in to this kind of bullying because they do not want to anger the bully.

Bullying by intimidating

This is another form of bullying that is very common at workplaces. Such bullies physically or mentally intimidate employees, forcing them to do what they want them to do. They are menacing, without really being confrontational. They demean other employees by pointing out their flaws to them, and saying hurtful things to them. Sometimes, such bullies resort to violent behaviour – such as punching tables and throwing around chairs – in order to create fear.