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Consider these before hiring a social media consultant

Today, social media has become of extreme importance to any business firm. It is crucial to have a good social media presence in order to connect well with prospective and existing customers and to improve awareness about your products/services. It also helps in giving your firm a human face, with which customers find it easier to interact, complain, praise or offer suggestions.

Many firms are now turning to the hiring of social media consultants as they are too pressed for time to handle it themselves. Several firms feel that they lack the experience and expertise in handling social media sites that a consultant can offer to them.

It is true that a social media consultant can add immense value to your campaign, but for this, it is essential to choose the right one for your firm.

SupportBiz lists 10 questions you should ponder on before you settle on a social media consultant.

  1. Have you gone through the candidate’s personal social media profiles?

Before hiring a social media consultant for your firm, you should go through their personal social media profiles. Observe the kind of posts they have made, and the way they have replied to comments on them. This will give you an idea of their style, and how familiar and comfortable they are with social media. You will be able to know whether the candidate has shared valuable content through these platforms, and whether he/she is capable of promptly and appropriately responding to various kinds of comments on his/her posts. You will be able to gauge how active and popular he/she is on his/her own social media profiles.

  1. How well does he/she understand my target market and industry?

For effective social media campaigns, it is essential that the candidate have a thorough understanding of the industry in which you function, as well as your target market. He/she should be aware of your competitors and their social media campaigns, as well as the trends prevailing in the industry. Also, he/she should have a clear idea of who your present and potential customers are, and the kind of information that will appeal to them.

  1. What is their experience level?

Good social media consultants should be able to share with you a list of the clients they have worked with in the past and those they are working with presently. This will give you a fair idea of the level of experience of the consultant. Calling up a few of the consultant’s past and/or present clients will help you determine how good he/she is at the job.

  1. What are the campaigns they have undertaken in the past?

A genuine social media consultant should also be able to guide you to a few social media campaigns they have already undertaken. From this, you will be able to know how successful they have been with past campaigns, and how they are faring with their present ones.

  1. How well-connected are they?

Commonly, social media consultants will be well-connected to media and advertising firms, who can help you grow. Before hiring a consultant, you should determine how well-connected he/she is, and to what extent they can help you.

  1. What are the social media strategies they will be using?

After a brief study of your type of business, existing and target customers, present social media platforms and expected results, the candidate should be able to tell you what kinds of strategies he/she plans to use for your campaign. It is crucial that both of you are in agreement with the strategies to be used on your social media platforms over time.

  1. Which social media do you hold expertise in?

Commonly, a social media consultant should be able to effectively handle all your platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. However, you would do well to find out where his/her specific skills lie. The preferred social media platform of the consultant should align with the media that your target customers favour the most.

  1. How will I measure return on investment?

Before hiring a social media consultant, you should determine how you will measure the return on investment (RoI) on the campaign that he/she will undertake. Will it be based on the number of Twitter followers or Facebook likes that the consultant will generate? Or will it be based on the number of additions to your list of potential clients or actual conversion into leads?

  1. Do the services of the candidate fall into my budget?

You will need to find out what is the remuneration that the consultant expects for your social media campaign. Will they need to be a fixed amount every month, or on an hourly basis? Do their fees fall within your budget for the campaign? Is the candidate likely to bargain on his/her fees?

  1.  How will the consultant handle a social media crisis?

It is quite possible that the social media strategies suggested by the consultant backfire in the midst of using them. In this situation, the consultant should be able to deal with the crisis effectively, and have an alternative plan ready for you. Before hiring the consultant, you could quiz them on how they would deal with such a crisis. Also, it would do you good to be aware of the consultant’s policies for dealing with negative comments on your social media platforms.


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