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The 12 top qualities of a great leader

What does it take to be a wonderful leader? Someone who is really loved by his team, and respected by one and all? There are certain qualities that create a great leader like that, which set them apart from the rest.

SupportBiz lists the top 12 qualities of a great, memorable and respected leader.

He is emphatic.

A wonderful leader is emphatic. He has compassion for his team, and for the world at large. He is sensitive in his dealings with other people, even with those whose viewpoints differ from his own.

He believes in forgiveness.

A great leader believes in forgiveness. He does not immediately mete out a punishment to those team members of his who deviate from the path he has laid out for them. He tries to understand what caused them to deviate, before he decides what action to take for the same. He is more willing to forgive people and forget mistakes.

He is humble.

Great leaders are humble, in spite of their wonderful accomplishments. They do not believe in talking down to people. They do not consider their team mates as inferior to them, but as valuable assets who are equals. They are always willing to guide and help people, whenever required.

He is human.

Wonderful leaders are not afraid to show to people the human side of themselves. They do not go on working non-stop, like robots, only caring about accomplishments, but are equally concerned about their family, employees and the world at large.       They believe in people taking breaks to recharge themselves, and do not hesitate to display a sense of humour.

He gives recognition where it is due.

A wonderful leader does not believe in hogging the limelight, or taking the credit for his team’s work. He always gives recognition when it is due.

He is discretionary.

A good leader does not function robotically, caring only about achieving milestones. He possesses good discretionary powers, and is able to guide his team on the right amount of time and effort to spend on each activity. He is able to take judicious decisions, which will ultimately benefit the team and the business.

He is thoughtful.

A good leader is thoughtful. He takes the time to think things through before taking a decision. He is stable, and dependable that way, making his team mates feel safe and secure with him.

He leads by example.

A good leader walks the talk. He does not believe in empty preaching, but demonstrates the values that he believes in through his own conduct. He is a role model unto himself.

He shows gratitude.

Good leaders are grateful for what they have, and what they have achieved. They are more than willing to give back to the society, and to help their own team mates to develop their individual strengths.

He is firm.

As much as good leaders are compassionate, they are firm. They believe in laying down clear boundaries, and a proper structure for their businesses to work on.

He is open.

A good leader is open-minded. He is willing to listen to the views and ideas expressed by others, even if they sometimes do not match his own. He is not afraid of change, and considers it an opportunity for growth. He is willing to learn from others, and has a curious mind.

He is appreciative.

A good leader is appreciative of everything – the resources he possesses, the people around him, and the world at large. He values people, and is willing to devote time to build lasting relationships with them. He really listens to people.