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12 tips for a wonderful company picnic

A company picnic is a great way to promote bonding between your employees, to enhance the team spirit among them, to boost employee morale, and provide a break from the monotony and the stresses of everyday work. A well-organised company picnic will create beautiful memories that will be spoken of for years to come.

An unsuccessful picnic will haunt you for a long time. Here are some tips to help you organize a cherishable and successful company picnic.

Consider your budget

Consider carefully the sum of money that you can comfortably allocate towards the company picnic. Take the time to divide this amount over various relevant overheads such as food, transport, etc.

Choose the date carefully

Choose a safe date for the picnic, which will not adversely impact the flow of routine work. Consider whether you want to organise the picnic on a week day or a weekend.

It is advisable to choose a day when no other major event is scheduled. Steer clear of days on which there are religious festivities, to avoid hurt sentiments and crowds.

Choose the venue thoughtfully

Ensure that you choose the venue for the picnic very thoughtfully. If the picnic is to be held on a week day, find a venue that is near the workplace. In case of the picnic being held on a weekend, make sure that the venue is close to the residences of as many employees as possible.

Also, ensure that there are good facilities for eating and playing games, toilets and resting at the picnic venue. If the venue is an open-air one, do consider the possibility of changes in the weather.

Arrange for comfortable transport

It is a good idea to ask all your employees to gather at your workplace, and then take off from there. Ensure that you arrange a mode of transport that is comfortable, and big enough for all your employees.

Alternatively, you could pick up your employees one by one, from a spot near their homes.

Arrange for good catering

Take the time to think over the food and drinks that will be served to the employees during the picnic. Decide whether you want to arrange for catering at the venue, or take a cook along with you to the spot.

Consider all your employees

Consider the interests of all your employees while determining the venue for the picnic. Ensure that no one’s sensibilities are hurt by your decision of a venue. Similarly, consider each one of your employees while arranging for transport and food and drinks.

Choose activities

Consider carefully before you choose the activities that you wish to hold during the picnic, for the entertainment of the employees. Games like cricket, football, passing-the-parcel, and song and dance competitions are safe bets. Ensure that you carry with you all the gear necessary for the games that you wish to play, as well as prizes to hand over to the winners of the competitions.

Choose activities that are age-appropriate for most of your employees. Moreover, the activities that you choose should promote bonding between your employees.

Share the work load

It is a good idea to share the work load of planning the picnic among the company’s HR executives and representatives from the employees. This will ensure that the interests of all the employees are adequately taken care of, and that the work load does not weigh heavily on just the HR team.

Inform in advance

Inform your employees about the picnic well in advance, so that they can comfortably plan for it. Do not leave this till the last minute. This is especially important in case you are inviting the families of the employees too for the picnic.

Also, if the picnic is being held on a week day, ensure that you inform all the parties dealing with you of the same, in order to avoid any mishaps.

Consider a theme

Having a theme for the picnic can make it fun and exciting. Think well before you decide on a theme, if any, and intimate the same to the employees well in advance.

Consider the cleaning up

You should consider travelling responsibly for your company picnic, in a way that would cause minimal damage to the ecosystem of the picnic venue. Ensure that you organise for the debris after the picnic to be cleaned up and disposed off efficiently.

Plan well

Have a checklist of all the items related to the picnic, so that you do not miss out on anything. Take the time to think each item through, in order to prevent mishaps from happening.

Think of all the things that could go wrong at the picnic, and have alternatives or solutions ready for the same in advance. You might want to do a last-minute check of the venue a day or so before you actually embark on the picnic.