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Lifestyle Pakistan to strengthen Indo-Pak trade ties

Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, will host the first edition of Lifestyle Pakistan from April 12 to 15, reports The Times of India. The expo will showcase products only from Pakistan, a reciprocation of the ‘Made In India’ exhibition held at Lahore in February 2012.

The exhibition is being organized by Pakistan’s Trade Development Authority (TDAP), in co-ordination with the Indian Ministry of Commerce. It will have more than 300 stalls, exhibiting a wide range of Pakistani textiles, accessories, leather goods, home furnishings and traditional food items.

About 100 leading firms from Pakistan are anticipated to take part in the exhibition, as well as ace fashion designers from the country like Nilofer Shahid, Deepak Perwani, Faiza Samee, Maheen Khan, and Maria B.

Sidra Iqbal, official spokesperson for Lifestyle Pakistan, stated: “The four-day exposition is set to attract well over 30,000 individuals per day from the Indian trade industry and international buyers, including Delhi elites.”

Iqbal went on to state that the exhibition will help strengthen the trade ties between India and Pakistan. “Lifestyle Pakistan will offer an opening for Pakistani products to enter one of the world's largest consumer markets. The objective of the Lifestyle Pakistan exhibition is not only to introduce high quality Pakistani products infused with rich culture to the Indian business community and people at large, but also provide top Pakistani government officials with a platform to meet Indian authorities and discuss trade-related issues.”

A business conference is also scheduled to be held as a part of Lifestyle Pakistan, wherein entrepreneurs from India and Pakistan will get a chance to meet and interact with each other.

Source: The Times of India