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Record coffee export noted in 2011-12

Data released by the Coffee Board indicates that India exported a total of 3,48,029 tonnes of coffee in 2011-12, setting a new record. Financial Express reports that this growth in exports is due to the rising prices of coffee in the global market and the rise in production.

The export of coffee was recorded at 3,16,034 tonnes in 2010-11.

Export value has also gone up to INR4,888.30 crore in 2011-12, as compared to INR3,697.98 crore in 2010-11. This indicates a growth of 33 percent.

The per tonne realization has risen to INR1,40,456 per tonne in 2011-12, as compared to the INR1,16,284 tonne in the last fiscal.

The price of Arabica in the international market has gone up to USD6,424 per tonne, while it was USD 3,608 per tonne in April 2010. The same is the case with the prices of Robusta, whose global prices were recorded at USD2,582 per tonne in April 2011.

The production in 2011-12 has grown by about six percent, as compared to the last fiscal. It was recorded at 3,22,250 tonnes, including 1,04,525 tonne of Arabica and 2,17,725 tonne of Robusta.

Source: Financial Express