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Left parties protest at Walmart in Hyderabad

Leaders and activists of left-leaning parties were arrested in Hyderabad for staging a protest in front of the Best Price store at Bharti Walmart in Hyderabad on Monday. They were protesting the government's decision to allow foreign direct investment in retail

Dozens of protestors squatted in front of the store in Sivarampally area, causing traffic jam on the road to the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport.

Police arrested Communist Party of India (CPI) state secretary K. Narayana and Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M) leader B.V. Raghavulu and their supporters.

Raising slogans of 'FDI down down', the protestors who were holding the party flags in their hands, tried to resist the arrests, leading to mild tension in the area.

Police bodily lifted the protestors to waiting vehicles and shifted them to a police station.

Narayana told reporters that the government's decision to allow FDI in retail would make a large number of people unemployed. He demanded immediate rollback of the decision.

Bharti Walmart, the joint venture between Bharti Enterprises and Walmart Stores Inc, opened a wholesale store here in September.