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Coir exports surge in 2011-12

The exports of coir from India have risen during 2011-12, both in terms of volume and value, in spite of the crisis in major markets like the US and the EU, reports Coir exports for this period were recorded at 4,10,854 tonnes, worth INR10.53 billion, indicating a rise of 28 percent in volume and 30 percent in value, as compared to 2010-11.

The exports have surpassed the target of INR8.5 billion that had been determined for the 2011-12 financial year.

Exports of coir products such as coir fibre, handloom matting, coir yarn, geo textiles and coir pith have also indicated a rise in 2011-12. These exports were noted to be worth INR2.03 billion for the period under consideration, 1,19,684 tonnes in terms of volume.

Coir product exports have shown an increase of 44 percent in volume and 67 percent in value as compared to 2010-11.