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In Brief

APC introduces ‘green’ UPS for SMEs

APC, a division of Schneider Electric that provides integrated power and cooling services, has developed a ‘green’ UPS. The product, called Back-UPS Pro, will help businesses to avoid the problems caused by power cuts. Back-UPS Pro is part of APC’s ‘Green UPS’ line.

Back-UPS Pro has several eco-friendly features like power saving outlets and a high-efficiency charging system. The outlets automatically turn off idle peripherals, saving energy.

The UPS also has a system called ‘AVR Bypass’ that helps cut down the consumption of power by correcting voltage fluctuations. The company claimed in a press release that the new product minimizes energy consumption and helps the consumer save as much as INR2,000 a year on electricity bills.

A software called Powerchute 3.0 has also been installed in the UPS, which monitors power management, diagnostics and carbon footprint. In addition, the UPS has an LCD panel that provides real-time values of more than 20 utility and battery back-up conditions.

Back-UPS Pro can be used by about five computers simultaneously, and it provides back-up for up to three hours.

Gurudutt M, Director (Home and Business Networks) for APC India, states: “Poor power environments and outages could mean losing important data or even an entire PC network. APC’s Back-UPS Pro guarantees the necessary power backup availability for users to remain up and running and save their work – eliminating the consequences and high costs caused by downtime.”