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Top nine rules of business meeting etiquette

As an entrepreneur, business meetings are a part and parcel of everyday life. It is crucial that you follow good business meeting etiquette and teach it to your employees as well. Here are the top ten rules of business meeting etiquette.

Be on time

Make it a point to be on time to your meetings. Do not reach late, unless and until there have been unavoidable circumstances.

In case you are going to be late, it is a good practice to inform the other participants in the meeting of this. Do not keep them waiting indefinitely.

Stick to the agenda

Stick to the agenda at the meeting. Do not enter into unnecessary discussions and involve the others in them, too. Make sure that you provide your inputs as per the agenda that has been circulated beforehand.

No uninvited guests

Do not bring along uninvited guests to a meeting, unannounced. If you wish to bring someone along, do seek the permission of the meeting chairperson to do so.

Be prepared

Take the time to prepare yourself for the meeting, as per the agenda that has been circulated, well in advance. Make a note of the issues you want to raise at the meeting, the questions that you want to ask, and the suggestions you want to make.

Be formally dressed

Dress in neat, formal clothing when you are to attend a meeting. Wearing overly casual or unprofessional clothes creates a bad impression about you and your business.

No long breaks

It is okay to excuse yourself from a meeting in case of an emergency, especially if the meeting is a very long one. However, ensure that you do not take breaks that are very long, disturbing the flow of the meeting. Do make sure that you are back at the meeting table within a few minutes.

Listen attentively

Listen attentively at a meeting to the inputs of each person present there. Ensure that you understand all the points made clearly, otherwise you should politely ask for clarifications. Do take notes of the important points discussed in the meeting.

Limit distractions

Turn off your cell phone and laptop while you are attending a meeting. The other participants at the meeting might get distracted if you keep using them. Moreover, such behaviour indicates a lack of seriousness and interest on your part.

If you are expecting an urgent call, ensure that your cell phone is on vibrating or silent mode. Excuse yourself from the table for a few minutes to attend the call, if necessary.

Also, ensure that you do not disturb the other participants with nervous or fidgety behaviour such as constant rocking of your chair, tapping your feet on the floor, or making noises.

Speak politely

In a meeting, ensure that you speak only when you have the floor. Do not interrupt someone who is speaking, in order to make your point. Speak clearly, politely and professionally.

Wait for the designated question hour to put forth any questions that you might have.