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Tips to survive a long business flight

For an entrepreneur, business travel is a part and parcel of everyday life. Some of this travel might be short in duration, while, at other times, it might be a long-haul trip. Long-distance flights can be extremely stressful and tiring, especially if it is to be accompanied by long meetings and a hectic work schedule.

Here are some tips for you to survive a long business flight, and travel comfortably in a stress-free way.

Keep yourself hydrated

Keep drinking water and other non-alcoholic, non-caffeinated drinks on the flight while you are awake. Keeping yourself adequately hydrated will reduce the stress on you, and keep you energetic and healthy throughout the flight.

Eat periodically

Do not starve yourself or over-eat on the flight. Eat the meals that you regularly do, and do not skip any. If you do not like the food offered on flights, it is a good idea to pack food for yourself from home, or eat before you board the flight. You could also carry some light snacks to nibble on during the flight, if you feel hungry, or buy them from the flight attendants.


Get up from your seat and move around in the aisle of the aircraft, whenever possible. Walk around during lay-overs, too. This will help you avoid numbness and cramps that inevitably occur when you sit for too long. It is also a good idea to perform some small exercises while sitting in your seat, like moving your neck, stretching your arms and legs, and changing your sitting position periodically.

Do not rush

Do not rush at the last moment to catch your flight. Instead, give yourself sufficient time to comfortably reach the airport, go through the security and baggage checks, and be seated.

Similarly, plan your journey in such a way that you do not have to rush to a meeting or work straight from your flight. Give yourself sufficient time to rest and freshen up after the flight, before you begin work.

Plan for maximum sleep

Plan your journey in such a way that you can get maximum sleep. If you have a halt in between two flights, ensure that it is at a time when you can catch up on some sleep.

Dress comfortably

Ensure that you are comfortably dressed for the flight, considering the weather and the temperature inside the aircraft.

Carry essentials

Ensure that you carry with yourself anything that you might need for a comfortable journey - for instance, books, jackets or medicines. It is also a good idea to carry a small toiletry kit with you on the flight, so that you can freshen up a bit before you land.

Choose wisely

Choose an airline that is known for comfortable seating and on-time landings and take-offs while you book your tickets. If possible, fly first- or business-class so that you are not strained and tired by the end of the flight. If your organisational policy does not allow you to fly first- or business-class, try to get an upgrade by the airline.

Choose a seat that will be most comfortable for you, considering the long time of the flight. It is advisable to choose a window seat, if possible, on a long haul, so that you are not disturbed by co-passengers wanting to get out for a break.