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All India Rubber Industries Association

24th May 2013 -- Mahua
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City: Mumbai
Industry: Rubber

It was during the pre-independence time scenario when Indian rubber industry entrepreneurs felt the need for joining hands to get heard at the top policy level. In 1945, few of the leading entrepreneurs of Indian rubber Industry got together and formed Indian Rubber Industries Association (AIRIA). Since then, AIRIA, as a non-profit body, is actively possessing strong stance in safeguarding and promoting interests of the Indian rubber industry and trade.

This association nominates one Representative to the Rubber Board, as per request from the Govt. of India.

The basic objective behind AIRIA’s formation was to create a collaborative environment among rubber products manufacturers and the organizations dealing in the rubber products. The connected ecosystem derived from industrial unity, generates a united voice and strength for the articulation of problems, for solution and better prospects.

The association has close to 800 members representing various facets of rubber products industry. The members are mainly rubber products manufacturers, who supply to industries like auto components, manufacturing machinery components, plastic products etc.

Niraj Thakkar, president of AIRIA is a third generation entrepreneur and the director of Mumbai based Precission Rubber.




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