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Pricey Indian wedding accessories will always be in demand

Wedding accessories makers in in Amritsar are doing brisk business owing to the upcoming wedding season. People are spending money on wedding accessories despite a hike in prices, according to manufacturers.

“Besides heavy trousseau, the big fat Punjabi wedding is incomplete without the essential wedding accessories like the chura (wedding bangles), kalire ( an accessory for brides that is worn on the hands)  and sehra ( an accessory that covers the bridegroom’s face.All these items are manufactured in Amritsar and  are supplied worldwide”, said manufacturer Akash Kapoor.

“Earlier these Ivory made maroon and white bangles, set with rhinestones were reasonably priced but now they have become very costly because people demand high quality accessories. Prices range between Rs.500 and Rs.10,000,” said Kapoor.

“Indians and foreigners from the US, the UK, Canada, Australia and Dubai place orders for high quality accessories,”, said Satish Kumar, another manufacturer.

“Customer footfalls increase during this time of the year.. More than 50 customers shopt at stores every day and most of them order for customized bangles with their names on them. We supply them for hefty payments,” said Kumar.

There are nearly 250 manufacturers of sehra and kalire in Amritsar alone. The price of a sehra starts at Rs. 100 and goes up to Rs.1500, while the  kalire range starts from Rs.50 and goes up to Rs. 600, said Sudesh Khanna, who manufactures the sehra kalgi (an accessory adorning the wedding turban) and kalire.