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Gujarat dyes industry riddled with challenges

The dyes and chemicals industry in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, is facing several problems in sustaining its growth. The industrialists are not able to fulfil orders due to lack of infrastructure, amidst other problems. There is an urgent need to improve the conditions in the industry, in order to help it survive.

There are over 1,200 units in the industry,  manufacturing organic and inorganic chemicals and dyes, packaging products and brown films,  among other products.  The industry employs over 4,000 people, and earns  nearly Rs. 6,000 crore as collective annual turnover.

 The industry exports its  products  to  several countries, including USA and Europe.   These products are also sold in several states across India.

“This is an old industry,  but now, the industrialists are facing  a lot of problems in surviving. One of the major problems is that of environmental pollution. This industry creates a lot of air  and water pollution.  The micro units cannot afford to follow the guidelines given by the Pollution Control Department.   The industrialists find it difficult to manufacture  quality  products in these circumstances,” says  Hetan Patel, a representative of  Sunny Chemicals. “ Another problem that the industry faces is the lack of exposure to direct marketing. The industrialists have to  depend  on  local traders for the  sale of their  products. There are no direct links between the clients sitting abroad and the manufacturers  in Ahmedabad,” says   Sanjeev Kumar,  the spokesperson of Rajiv Dyes. “There should be training programmes for the industrialists, to make them aware  of the latest  techniques of marketing and reaching out to people. The state government must take initiatives to help the industrialists  reach  their target users,” he says.

“ The cost of raw material is also high, and the industrialists have to pay more to get it. This   stops them from investing in any other necessities  in their  units,” says  Raja Ram, a representative of Manohar Dye And Chemical. “There is an urgent need  for the state government  to help the industrialists.  Some financial support to the  manufacturers  will help them in maintaining standards in the industry,” he adds.