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Delhi embroidery industry lags behind

The embroidery industry in Patel Nagar, New Delhi, is lagging behind, largely on account of the several challenges that the artisans have to face. There is an acute shortage of infrastructural facilities, and the artisans are struggling to sustain their businesses.

Most of the units in the area are micro units, and are operated  from the  houses of the artisans. A  majority of the workers in the industry  comprise of the families of  artisans,  including children and women. There are over 50 such units in the industry, wherein  nearly 400 people work.   The industry produces embroidered table covers, bed sheets, cushion covers and pillow covers,  among other products. It earns  nearly Rs. 10 crore as collective annual turnover.

The products of the  industry are sold in several parts of the country.

“We have been using traditional  methods of  embroidery,  and do not use modern machinery for this purpose. We cannot afford to install better machinery, and have not received any help from the government,” says  Kamla Devi, one of the artisans whose entire family is involved in the  industry.

“The use of modern techniques for embroidery can save a considerable amount of time,   reduce dependence on labour, and  improve the finishing  of the products. Although we  sell our products  in various other states through local traders, we  have not been able to compete with other industries,” she says.

“We do not get any help from the government. There is a dire need to boost this industry   through financial support.  Just a little effort  on the part of the government  can bring about considerable changes in the  industry. We just require subsidies and a few other exemptions on the loans given to us, to promote our  businesses,” says  Shyam Lal, another artisan.