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Ban on Chinese thread worries Amritsar traders

A ban has been imposed on the sale of Chinese string for flying kites in Amritsar, which has negatively impacted local traders and sellers.

The police commissioner of Amritsar has banned the storage, sale and use of Chinese string. The ban has been brought about in the wake of various accidents due to the use of such thread, maby involving the slitting of throat and ears.

“This is the peak season for kite flying in Amritsar, and our entire livelihood is based upon the sale of strings and kites in this season. Most of our customers want Chinese thread, as it keeps them ahead of others in kite flying,” said Deepak Kumar, a shopkeeper.

“Chinese thread is cheaper than Indian cotton thread, and so, is more in demand. The ban has adversely affected our business,” he said.

“Most of the shopkeepers in Amritsar shift from other work to the sale of thread and kites during this season. However, this year, the ban has led to a decline in such sale by over 60%,” said Ramneek Singh, another shopkeeper.

Amritsari locals seem to have a different opinion about the use and sale of Chinese thread, though. “The police should impose a heavy fine on the sale and use of Chinese threads, as it is very harmful to humans, birds and animals alike,” said Asha Rana, a housewife.

The district police have arrested four people so far for selling the banned Chinese thread, and have recovered 37 rolls of the thread from them, according to sources.