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Technology Adoption Will Boost SME Sector: Dyn

Martin Ryan, MD & VP APAC of Dyn, shares how cloud-based strategies help optimise online infrastructure
With the objective of improving response time for clients in India, Dyn made its first strategic investment in India  in 2013 by co-locating with GPX Global Systems to set up its first TIER IV designed data center in Mumbai. The Mumbai datacenter marked Dyn’s fourth in Asia and 18th in total. It is the leading Internet Performance provider to the most visited web properties in the world, as measured by the Alexa 500 and works with Global 2000 companies and businesses in between.
According to a Dyn consumer survey conducted in the first half of 2015, Indian users’ rank 2nd globally when it comes to online shopping through mobile devices. Key take-aways of this  survey were:
·  More than half the consumers surveyed preferred online shopping experience to the physical one
·  Consumers keen to shop more through mobile devices and expect the same experience from apps as the web
·  Consumers switch websites if it takes 4 seconds or more for a website to load
·  Instant gratification matters - ‘Buy Now’ button in social promotions.
In conversation with Supportbiz Martin Ryan, MD & VP APAC Dyn shares the top 5trends which will rule Dyn in next one year  and shares his view on the adaptation of DYN by the SMEs.
SB:What is your view on the adoption of Dyn by SME in India?
Martin:Dyn is a cloud-based Internet Performance company and  provides solutions  for companies of all sizes. Being a cloud based provider we are able to provide flexibility and scalability to our customers who count on the internet which often grapples with issues related to poor bandwidth infrastructure and shifting customer loyalties. Dyn helps companies monitor, control, and optimize online infrastructure for an exceptional end-user experience. Through a world-class network and unrivaled, objective intelligence into Internet conditions, Dyn ensures traffic gets delivered faster, safer, and more reliably than ever catering to all kind of companies across the globe.
SB: What are the five trends that will rule the Dyn segments in the next one year. What are the reasons?
Martin: While the Internet and Mobile Association of India recently announced that internet users in the country now exceed 350 million this sudden surge has contributed to an acceleration of internet adoption across the country. As the online entities continue to witness exponential growth, companies that count on the internet are investing heavily in offering a differentiation to customers and earn their loyalty. The surge of e-commerce players is also on the rise. The race on the online platform to survive and sustain gets tougher each day as online businesses need to survive cut throat competition, overcome downtime and outages and keep up and running. Hence it is essential for e-retailers to think beyond offering only the right product mix and pricing to also think about offering a seamless ‘availability’ and security strategy to enhance their online presence and experience.
1.Adoption of Cloud- IDC reported that cloud services and infrastructure grew 25% over 2014. reasons speed to market and capitalisation - allows for flexibility, scalability and reachability.
2.Dynamically adapting to spikes in online traffic- Retail companies are leveraging cloud solutions to use only the resources they need when they need it. Peak times can be slow web load times if not planned for. According to a Dyn consumer survey conducted earlier this year, 88% of customers are not willing to wait more than 3 seconds for a website to load. An e-retailer should cost efficiently plan for spike by moving to cloud based infrastructure.
3.Personalization for customer interaction- Being able to create an “identity graph” of customer profiles, behaviors and preferences associated with those profiles, to be able to do better targeting. And provide the customer with what they want. It’s a global world - you wouldn’t serve up parkas to folks in Miami during the winter months. Keep your content close to your customers.
4.Continued focus on security- consumers perceive web performance as a security issue. Website performance affects a consumer's trust in the company, negatively impacting a consumer’s lifetime value
5. Same online consumer experience as they have offline (omnichannel)- While the team in charge of Infrastructure may not have any control over the experience the customers has at the brick and mortar stores, they do have control over the online customer experience. Dyn consumer survey, states 85% of consumers surveyed globally still cite clear differences in the kind of experiences they have when shopping in stores, online, and on their mobile devices. Internet Performance for an exceptional end-user experience solution. 
SB:Budget is the biggest constraint for the SME companies to adopt the technologies. How budget-friendly is your technology?
Martin:Technology forms one of the most crucial factors that prompts in the success or failure of an enterprise. The best use of technology enables enterprises in reducing cost of production, maintain consistency in quality, improve productivity hence develop the competitiveness of the enterprise. Dyn has products that are suitable to any online company - they provide flexibility and scalability as companies grow and their requirements change. As the Dyn solution is cloud placed it has the benefits of being an opex expense rather than an capex in addition there is no installing or hardware costs involved so it is easy and most cost effective.