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Peenya association to set up IT institutions for skill development

Lack of skilled workforce costs the Indian small and medium industry a fortune, doubtlessly. And strangely enough, it seems most of our industry leaders haven’t really given it a serious thought.

Acknowledging the magnitude of the issue, the Peenya Industries Association (PIA) is taking various steps including creation of IT institutes to reduce the widening skilled labour gap.

“What we lack is quality manpower. So, the association has decided to start PIA IT institute with a prime objective of developing the skill sets of the employees at this industry estate. We would also begin diploma courses as well,” said Jayaramu, Honorary Secretary, PIA.

The association looks to educate the workforce to take them to an ITI standard, Jayaramu notes. “We already have a soft skill training facility in a public-private partnership where we provide a variety of training courses. We might also start an engineering college in the long run,” he elaborated.

Jayaramu has been very vocal about the initiatives taken by the present management team under President Mrs. Latha Girish, especially the upcoming annual program aimed to upgrade the technical skill sets of employees. “The association under the leadership of Mrs. Latha Girish submitted an annual program project for the upliftment of SMEs in Peenya to Mr. Mahshwara Rao, Commissioner for Industrial Development and Director for Industries & Commerce, Karnataka. The project is a 24-day program which includes sessions on safety awareness, vendor development, clean production technology, marketing awareness, nanotechnology and workshops on how to combat recession. I am very happy to say that Mr. Rao sanctioned the amount in record time. We need more proactive officials like him.”

Talking about the issues, Jayaramu said the industry is faced with a severe power shortage. He believes the state has enough power, but do not have a system to distribute it effectively. He advises the entrepreneurs to think, innovate and update their technologies to improve production.