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Pakistan demands more tomatoes ahead of Eid

Vegetable exporters in Amritsar, Punjab are working overtime to satisfy Pakistan’s demand for tomatoes, ahead of the Eid festival this Saturday, exporters from that city said. Tomato exports out of the Attari land border have jumped 20 percent this week, according to a warehouse located at the Attari border.

“There is a huge demand for vegetables, especially tomatoes, in Pakistan. India’s businessmen send 200 trucks into Pakistan every day and 70 percent of all vegetables being exported at this point in time are tomatoes,” said Rameshwar, manager at the CWC warehouse located at the Attari land border.

“There has been a 20 percent increase in exports over the past few days,” Rameshwar said.

“India can increase the volume of the vegetables sent to Pakistan by road, but the authorities on the other side are unable to accept consignments owing to some problems on their side,” said Rameshwar.

“The tomatoes and other vegetables are imported from Nasik. The price for 20 kilograms of tomatoes is Rs.350 and the same increase on reaching Pakistan,” said Pawan Kumar, an Amritsar-based vegetable exporter

“Eid is a major festival in Pakistan and we want to make full use of the situation by exporting as much as we can. We have been importing a high volume of tomatoes over the past few days and our trucks are still awaiting clearances at the border. The Pakistani side of the land border can cater to only 200 trucks on any given day,” said Kumar.

“Pakistan is a good market for India’s farmers and exporters. The volume of export trade, which has been a little lower when compared to the previous year, has gained over the past few days owing to the Eid festival,” said Rajdeep Uppal, vice president, Amritsar Exporters Chamber of Commerce.

A surplus tomato crop in India ensures that local prices are not affected by the surge in exports to Pakistan, Uppal said.