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'Onus on IT partner to provide high quality consulting'

Technology will not only play a crucial role in maximizing business opportunities for SMEs, but also enable them to innovate and transform their business for the next phase of growth. Samir Dhir, Senior Vice President and Head of Indian operations at Virtusa, share some insights regarding the same.


A lot of focus is on mobility. SMEs are showing great interest towards this. What are the key drivers?

Globally, the business environment has been tremendously impacted by emerging technologies such as Mobility and Social Media among others.

Whether, it is in interacting or collaborating with their customers, employees or partners, businesses including SMEs need to embrace the consumerization of IT to stay competitive and succeed. Rapid technology innovation, tech savvy generation (including Gen X and Gen Y), mobile workforce, and social collaboration are some of the factors that are driving businesses to adopt and adapt to the emerging mobile paradigm.

Indian businesses have started adopting emerging technologies to gain competitive advantage. Recently, HDFC Securities launched mobile trading apps available on Android, Blackberry and Windows based phones, which will enable its customers to trade, transact and receive market information anytime, anywhere.

It is the age of an empowered consumer and those businesses that understand and adapt to the emerging paradigm will be at the forefront of innovation, enhanced customer experience and higher profitability.

What are the parameters that Indian SMEs should consider while choosing an IT solution partner for their technology infrastructure?

The Indian market is a price sensitive market. SMEs are hesitant to invest in IT infrastructure and solutions because of the high cost factor.

The challenge for them is to identify an IT partner who understands their business needs and brings in the required technology and domain expertise, for implementing systems that would enable them to increase business agility and help them innovate and transform their business.

Very few organizations are able to provide truly meaningful services that help their clients achieve their business goals. The onus is on the IT partner to provide high quality consulting and implementation services that will deliver cost effective solutions to the client.

What are the key trends that are evolving in technology adoption space among SME segment?

According to a recent Zinnov Study on the SME market in India, the domestic IT spending is expected to reach USD15 billion by year 2015 growing at a CAGR of 15 percent.

However, budgetary and infrastructure challenges have deterred SME’s from technological spending. Given the roadblocks, some of the applications and infrastructure services that would be eagerly lapped up by the SMEs include Cloud Computing, SaaS and Social Media among others. Other technologies that will receive interest from SMEs include Business Intelligence and Analytics, Mobility, etc.

Given the business opportunities that technology brings in with its adoption, many of the SMEs are keen to evolve as an enterprise and leverage technology to drive their growth. Importantly, they are open to investing in technology with a long term view.

Management of IT infrastructure often becomes very challenging for most of the SMEs. How do you look at the situation?

SMEs today need to adopt IT. That is a fact that they cannot afford to overlook in this highly competitive economy. So, in order to do this, they must look at investing some time and effort in deploying the right IT systems and solutions for their business.

The best way to tackle this is to select the IT vendor carefully. You would want to partner with a trusted service provider who will really plan for the long term.

Further, the evolution and increasing adoption of Cloud, Virtualization and SaaS systems are providing opportunities for Indian SMEs not to invest in hardware and software systems, but to leverage those assets by partnering with Cloud vendors and service providers. This will help the SMEs to reduce their investments in owning technology infrastructure.

What are the key focus areas for Virtusa in India? 

Virtusa is a global IT services organization with a focus on addressing the technology needs of customers across Banking and Financial Services, Insurance, Media, Entertainment, Telco, Healthcare and Life Sciences.

Using a consultative, business-led approach in all our client engagements, our platforming methodology and expertise in niche client-facing technologies to accelerate business outcomes for our clients has been our hallmark and unique differentiator.