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MCube: A cloud-based telephony solution for SMEs

Every call is crucial for businesses as a call lost in the hassles of traditional telephony system would mean loss of a significant business opportunity. This is where VMC Technologies’ cloud based telephony app MCube appears to be a viable option for SMEs helping them resolve all issues relating to fixed and mobile telephony.

MCube, developed by Sundeep Misra and his team, is designed to provide greater levels of mobility and flexibility to employees in addition to helping them manage and have better control over mobile based communication and to connect all telephone systems within organization to one number. It’s a full featured cloud telephony solution that enables organizations to greet, route and track all incoming business calls to exercise complete control over their customer interactions.

The traditional PBX system rarely keeps track of call data for future reference and with no provision for automatically logging or recording call conversations, they offer limited data mining capabilities to businesses and are only as efficient as the person manning it.  Requiring no onsite hardware or software deployment, MCube can be deployed by customers on-demand as a Software as a Service (SaaS) to provide automated helpline, campaign ROI measurement and lead management solution to sales, service, support, online, social and government organizations.

“Positive call experience can make a huge difference in engaging, converting and retaining a customer,” said Sundeep Misra, Co-Founder and CEO, VMC Technologies, “MCube cloud telephony solution is designed to offer enterprise grade telephony solution to small and medium enterprises and help expand their business opportunity and customer service initiatives exponentially,” he added.

The application provides three solutions:  MCube IVRS - An intelligent, automated greeting system that receives incoming calls, MCube X - an automated interactive communication system that connects callers to the right person or leave a voice mail and MCube Track – that records and reports call data and conversations efficiently for future reference.