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Kerala to soon get a coir ‘fibre bank’

The Coir Board, under the aegis of the Government of India, is all set to establish a ‘fibre bank’in Alappuzha, Kerala, reports The Times of India.

The fibre bank, which will be set up at an investment of INR2.5 million, will be run on a not-for-profit basis.

G Balachandran, the Chairman of the Coir Board, stated that the bank will help to rectify the shortage of coir fibre in the Kerala market. The bank would stock coir fibre procured from Tamil Nadu, which will then be supplied to entrepreneurs and societies indulging in value addition in Kerala.

He stated that a limit would be established for the supply of fibre to individuals, but societies would not be subject to any such limitations.

Balachandran also announced the Coir Board’s decision to soon organize an exhibition of the new trends and technologies in the coir industry. Experts from the industry would be speaking at the exhibition.

He also spoke of the Board’s recommendation to include coir in the national fibre policy, which would go on to push the country’s exports of coir. He stated that, in addition, the Board has plans to train 20,000 youth in coir technologies and to help in the establishment of 17,000 small-scale coir industries in Kerala.

Source: The Times of India