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Huawei seeks to create awareness around enterprise offerings

In an exclusive interaction Eric Yu, President – Enterprise Business at Chinese ICT major Huawei shared some key insights about the company’s enterprise business focus, opportunities in the Indian SMB segment and much more with Faiz Askari, Editor-North

What is the key mantra that has resulted success for Huawei?

Focusing on customers, delivering value and sharing our success with the people involved in our business, is the key element which resulted in our business growth.

Please elaborate about Huawei’s enterprise business foray?

The enterprise segment became Huawei’s focus area in 2011 and we started targeting the Indian enterprise segment beginning September 2011. The focus area for this group is government, non telecom business and SMB segment. We are aggressively targeting this segment and within the next two to three years the enterprise business will contribute approximately USD15 billion contribute to our entire global revenue. This segment is expected to generate approximately USD1 billion from India in the next three to four years.

What are the key focus areas for Huawei Enterprise?

Our enterprise business solutions cover unified communications, cloud solutions, video conferencing, surveillance, servers, data centres and  we also have specific vertical solutions. In this category we have VTMs (Virtualised Teller Machines), customized solutions for logistics, mining segment, and we also offer business services. 

Security has also become our key focus in this category. We already have an entity called Huawei-Symantec which focuses on storage and security products. These firewall, antivirus range of products cater to the data security needs for an enterprise.

We have expertise in ICT infrastructure for enterprise customers. High on our priority list are unified communication, tele conferencing and IT solutions for communications.

What are the key trends that are driving the Indian IT environment?

Cloud computing solutions, data sharing, unified communications and convergence are some of the key action areas. These are driving the mindshare of most of the CIOs.

What is the key target for Huawei Enterprise Business?

Although, our main priority areas are government and Top 500 enterprises, but we are also looking at SMB businesses as an integral part of our enterprise business commitment. The SMB segment will be targeted through our existing partner network.

According to you what are the key characteristics of Indian SMBs' IT adoption cycle?

The Indian SMB segment needs solutions that meet their expectation at the best possible cost structure. Hosted solutions can be a good option for SMBs. In-house technology infrastructure is getting washed away. Ultimately more and more SMBs are moving towards the hosted model of services.

How is Huawei catering to specific needs of Indian SMBs?

We understand this requirement hence we have developed the hosted model of our security surveillance offering. We also offer hosted call center solution which is extremely cost efficient solution to SMBs. Even larger call centre companies will find this product very appealing for them as it has the potential to save a lot of money for them.

What will be Huawei's market strategy for SMBs?

Huawei has around 300 partners across India. This is fairly comprehensive market coverage. The go-to-market strategy for Indian SMBs is to reach out to the market through these partners. We will equip these partners with the required skill set.

What is Huawei's unique value propositon for SMBs?

We will create an ecosystem which can deliver better quality of products and services with better pricing. We will work on faster response ratio for our SMB customers. Overall, we intent to create better value preposition for the SMB customer.

Huawei has a strong focus on the banking vertical. Please elaborate on this?

We have a unique product called Virtual Teller Machine (VTM). This machine is a great replacement for ATMs. The VTM have the capability to handle the work activity of a bank branch. Whatever activity is getting carried out in a bank branch, can be managed by this machine.

What according to you is a challenge for Huawei?

We are still working very hard to make the market aware of the key utilities that Huawei offers to its customers. I feel that the brand visibility outside the telecom market is also an area where we need to work on. We have to create awareness around our enterprise offerings.