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Coimbatore SMEs take up automation to address labour shortage: COINDIA

Entrepreneurs in Coimbatore, the southern hub for small and medium businesses, have begun low cost automation to produce engineering goods and textiles products to overcome the skilled labour shortage in the region.

Industries in Coimbatore find it hard to train its huge migratory workforce to be skillful professionals. “Many industries employ migrant workers where skill development is a tough task,” N. Visvanathan, President, Coimbatore Industrial Infrastructure Association (COINDIA) said. “To overcome labour shortage, the association advises its member industries to go for low cost automation.” In addition, the association’s training facility, the COINDIA Training Centre, offers frequent training programs to employees to enhance their skill development further.

Despite being the hub of manufacturing and textiles in Southern India, the small and medium businesses in Coimbatore have been under great deal of economic pressure owing to various factors including severe power shortage, inadequate financial assistance and unavailability of skilled manpower. The unfriendly economic environment in the country is taking a heavy toll on the manufacturing sector in the region.

According to Visvanathan, the crisis has grown to a level that the manufacturing industry now suffers a productivity loss up to 30-40 per cent. Coimbatore’s power woes, began as early as in 2000s, result in more than 20 percent power cuts on high tension industries. “We advise high-tension industries to go for dedicated feeders so that electricity may be purchased through energy exchangers at slightly higher price,” he said. In addition, heavy financial burden erodes the meager profit earned by industries in Coimbatore.

Looking at the future of the manufacturing sector, Visvanathan feels the industry will definitely flourish further to contribute more to the state’s growth and overall development. “Industrialists in Coimbatore have put their best efforts to come out of the current crisis and some have successfully found the right path to success. Although some industries have shut down their operations, Coimbatore’s overall industrial growth will only grow stronger over the time,” he said.