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Broadband Schemes Meant For SMEs

With Internet access being the most essential part of a business, there is a need to know different schemes
In India, there are several millions of SMEs spread across business segments but 90% of them have no access to Internet. On the contrary only 22%  of SMEs in China and 5% SMEs in USA have no Internet. A It also stated that leveraging the latest IT tools and technology can boost revenues by $56 billion and create 1.1 million new jobs.
According to Ministry of MSME Report ‘GDP rate during 2012-13 was 37.54 per cent; while the total employment in the sector is 805.24 lakh’ through MSME Sector.
MSME sector also contributes near about 45 percent to India’s export, 40 percent to India’s industrial output and employs 6 crore people. Based on the export data maintained by Director General of Commercial Intelligence & Statistics, Ministry of Commerce and the information available with this Ministry about MSME products having significant export, the share of MSMEs in India’s total export, for the year 2012-13, 2013-14 and 2014-15, has been estimated as 43.00 per cent, 42.38 per cent and 44.70 per cent respectively.
In an interaction  Godaddy Vice President Rajiv Sodhi said: "there are many rural micro enterprises in India who are not connected to Internet due to lack of  network reachability despite the micro enterprises also contributing  in nations GDP . It is crucial by the government to allow the internet network to reach throughout the country.
As per Internet service provider Association of India , multiple countries small and medium enterprises (SMEs) which are engaged actively with consumers on the Internet have experienced three-year sales growth rates up to 22 percentage points higher than those of companies with low or no Internet presence, according to the 'Internet Economy in the G-20' report by the Boston Consulting Group.To keep the level of Indian MSMEs one step further it is essential that all the  Indian MSMEs/SMEs should have the Internet connectivity.
According to Tikona Broadband Service, the basic challenges faced by SMEs to adopt Internet connection are as follows:
Technology Intimidation: Many SME decision-makers know very little about relevant IT needs of their business and thus find it too complex to adopt.
Lack of an IT team or individual: SMEs seldom have an IT team or even an IT manager to define business requirements and respectively map it to related ICT solutions.
High Cost: The perceived high cost of setting up a team and IT infrastructure is a big deterrent to adoption of technology.
Connectivity: SMEs usually are located in remote areas of cities where the cost of real estate is lesser. In such areas, there are very few broadband providers
Keeping in mind the challenges the Internet Solutions offered by Tikona are as follows
Value Internet Solutions by Tikona provide:
1:Bandwidth during business hours (Industry first in India!)
Plan options up to 2 Mbps
Static IP In-Built
True Unlimited: All SME plans provide Unlimited Downloads
Tikona Value Internet Leased Line costs 30-40% lesser than Standard Internet Leased lines costs.
Some of the other Internet service providers are as follows:
Hathway an internet service provider  has several services that suit the requirements of different clients . These are :
Fiber Internet Services
2. Multi Office Connectivity
(for more info click here )
HughesNet Broadband for Business provides high-speed and always-on Internet access in India. Their competencies are to help small and medium enterprises take their business to the next level. They provide:
Back up connectivity solutions with state-of-the-art Data Centre and Disaster recovery offerings
Controlled environment for storing and preserving vital customer data at any of our three data centre premises
Complete chain of excellence via proactive monitoring and management of customers’ links and devices supported by real time on-line access through the ‘Customer Central Portal’
Diverse applications such ERP, Messaging, Supply Chain management, ATMs, File Broadcast/Multicast (for more ionfo click here)
YOU Broadband
YOU Broadband is a category ‘A’ ISP and India’s first ISO accredited broadband service provider. One of the leading independent ISPs in India, YOU offers high speed Internet, voice and video services through cable modem platform to residential, SME and corporate customers in 12 cities. As a part of its growth plans, YOU is rapidly expanding its presence in other cities across the country. For SME customers YOU offers dedicated leased line to enable them to send huge amounts of data. (for more info click here)

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