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Zoho can address SME cloud computing needs

SMEs looking for a one-stop solution for their information technology (IT) needs should dabble with the Zoho suite of Web-based applications, says Sudhakar S Marthi, the vice president for sales and marketing for the APAC region at Zoho Corporation. The company develops Web-based business applications.

Initial registration is absolutely free and users pay on the go i.e. they per application, Marthi said. Zoho can customize applications for users and several applications were developed or fine-tuned post customer feedback, he added.

Marthi was speaking at Cloud Connect 2012, in Bangalore. The just concluded two-day event featured over 60 speakers, talking about the nuances and the benefits of ‘working on the cloud’.

Cloud computing refers to delivering computing and storage, to multiple users working in the same or in different locations, via the Internet.

Cloud computing has many benefits for SMEs, says Marthi. Lower costs, increased business agility, the ability to increase innovation and speedy application development are just some of them, he added.

Speaking about the Zoho suite, Marthi says that the 27 applications across categories – business, collaboration and productivity – are just the tip of the iceberg given that Zoho allows users to create their own applications. The company too invests in updating and adding newer applications periodically, he mentioned.

Founded in 1996, the Chennai-based company now has over five million users, claims its website, Zoho.com.


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