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Solomofy To Help SMEs Build Their Social Brands

Solomofy will help SMEs to resolve problems related to social media and help them to build their brand socially
Social media has a great impact on the growth of  businesses. The enormity & efficacy of social media has been proved countless times. Today, when bigger players are hiring professional social media agencies to maintain their presence, smaller ones, are often left behind or worst come, neglected in the vast social sea. 
Solomofy is a technology platform that aims to resolve the social media puzzle. Designed specially for SMEs (small & medium enterprises), Solomofy is the result of countless meetings we had with small businesses - restaurant owners, individuals, professionals, marketplace sellers and owners of not "so cool" enterprises. 
Rohit Awathi, Co-founder, Solomofy, says, “As Digital India becomes bigger and more impactful, it is very important for small businesses to shift their focus to Social Media, where the audience is. With the help of Solomofy, we are going to solve 2 biggest problems for SMEs, 1) Creating regular content for Digital Media 2) Use the best practises to maximize the efficacy from Social Media platforms.”
The main purpose  of  Solomofy was to minimise the cost of client servicing and rework and to have big enough opportunity to help lakhs of SMEs, without compromising on the quality.
Solomofy Technology Private Limited is powered by SoLoMo Media- one of India’s leading social media agencies. The team that has managed social media presence for many name brands at SoLoMo Media now takes the reins at Solomofy to electrify the social presence of SMEs in India. 
Regular content generation through smooth & easy processes lies at the heart of Solomofy. It is accessible through mobile & is user-friendly. Once the user is logged in, he/she can send the request for creation of posts, give approval/denial, check out all the published & unpublished posts in the library and access analytics through Solomofy. A notification is sent whenever something important needs to be reviewed. The user can also plan the content according to upcoming events & festivities which are already mapped out on Solomofy. 
But what makes Solomofy stand apart from any other solutions present in the market is its affordability. With all these benefits & a strong team backing, the plans start from  Rs 14,999. Solomofy aims at reaching out to lakhs of SMEs and helping them build a social brand.