AMI-Partners’ upcoming 2015 India Small & Medium Business ICT and Cloud Services Tracker Overview shows that higher proportions of SMBs are adopting multiple cloud services rather than single-point cloud solutions. Service bundling will take on increasing significance going forward.

India SMBs are showing growing interest in on-demand accounting, ERP and CRM solutions, if offered at the right price and bundled with essential services of interest to the firms.

“However the success of cloud solutions bundling will largely depend on how vertical industry insights can be combined with horizontal cloud technologies” says Partha Sarathi Sengupta, Associate VP at AMI-Partners.

“With the advent of the SaaS model, focusing on niche verticals or specific functional areas may be one of the most successful strategies of the enterprise cloud software era,” Sengupta continued.

Cloud adoption may differ within verticals due to industry-specific focus, yet the triggers for adoption remain similar. Businesses within the BFSI and Manufacturing verticals may choose different implementation paths because of their emphasis on security, privacy and factory legacy system respectively.

“The time has come when technical solutions need to be linked to business drivers. Today, every enterprise will make its choice of cloud technologies within the context of its vertical-specific business strategy. Cloud service providers should create product-bundling strategies to reflect vertical specifics,” opined Sengupta.

Most SMB customers are in fact turning to cloud service providers expecting them to be experts at selecting the right cloud services for their businesses. This is a key advantage for cloud service providers; it gives them ample opportunity to talk to customers, understand business specific needs and engage with them to sell cloud services.

Sengupta added “It’s obvious that horizontal workloads (such as email, collaboration, and HR) would migrate to the cloud faster than vertical-specific applications. In the long term, success will go to those cloud service providers who can offer the most attractive bundles of services for different target segments by focusing on and talking about vertical specific business pain points.”

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