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PepperTap Launches Vendor App Which Will Soon Go Live In Playstore

This App aims at empowering partner vendors in process optimisation
To add an extra zing to its first birthday celebrations, PepperTap, India’s leading online grocery delivery service, also introduced a one-of-its-kind vendor app that will soon go live on Playstore. The app, that’s in its pilot run, comes in two versions – one for organised retail chains and another for standalone vendors.  This revolutionary add-on is going to be the next big thing for vendors connected with PepperTap. 
By logging into the vendor app, the business representative will be able to see a comprehensive picture of his performance on PepperTap. The minute month on month, week on week and day on day updates will enable him to understand the value of a well-stocked store by seeing the incremental loss in sales in the absence of a particular product(s). This in turn will allow him to take better decisions on stocks, quantities and inventory management. Even though PepperTap fulfils 100% orders by procuring products from outside vendors in case a particular vendor runs out, it aims to reduce the number of such instances by making the vendor aware of his/her losses. This information helps boost vendor productivity in the future.
Thrilled at being connected with this vendor app, Kanwal Preet S. Brar, Director, F & V Agro LLP, FreshMart, Chandigarh, said, “With PepperTap our sales have gone up by 44%. It's an amazing rate of growth and we hope to continue this trend. It would not have been possible without their support on analytics, product mix advice and marketing. Peppertap indeed has a major role to play in our 34% sales.”
The far-reaching impact of the app has also been felt by businesses like AddMart, Shivane, Pune. Says owner, Rahul Paygude: “PepperTap started sourcing from me in July 2015 and I have so far enjoyed doing business with them. When I collaborated with them, my growth rate was 5%, but today, my business accounts to 25% overall.” 
There’s another big advantage that this app offers: A vendor can get insight into the top 100 best-selling products from his store across categories. This assists business intelligence and empowers him/her to take smart stock-based decisions. 
This is how the app has worked efficiently for Tummas Consumer Mall, Kolkata. Shedding more light on the same, Sanjib Paul, Business Head, Tummas Consumer Mall, said, “The partnership with PepperTap has been extremely rewarding. Our business has grown by 95% and we aim at a sale increase of 25% every month. With such high volumes and orders, we have given a dedicated POS system and stock point exclusively to PepperTap. All our stock replenishment process revolves around the demand spiked by PepperTap. From ground level staff to account managers, everyone we have interacted with in the company has been very cooperative. We also plan to open exclusive stores for PepperTap over the next few months.” 
Highlighting one of the key features, Navneet Singh, Founder and CEO, PepperTap said, “The aim of the vendor app is to put the power in the hands of the vendor. When non-essentials are out of stock at a vendor store, we follow a process where these are automatically removed from the app. Now, however, when the vendor procures the products again, he/she will be able to make them available on the app with just a click of a button. The product list will be updated and the entry will start showing within the next half an hour. In case there is a change in the MRP, the vendor will be able to update that as well.” 
The price change, once made by the vendor, will be monitored carefully at the backend and any deviation more than 5-10% will instantly raise an alarm to the category team. This will ensure that there is no scope for error. 
In the case of retail chains, the business manager will have access to updates from stores of the entire chain whereas a store manager will be able to see the sales, progress and information pertaining to only the particular store he/she is in charge of. To enhance the functioning of the app, soon there will also be an inbuilt “contact us” button. This will mean that the call is directly connected to the store/vendor’s key account manager. The next step will aim at integrating this service with Whatsapp. 
Summarising the overall experience with PepperTap, Rahul, added, “Apart from business, I also get to know about new technology and current market trends. They are cooperative and I share a great comfort level with them be it in financial or other aspects. I hope to continue my growth journey with PepperTap.”