With PM Narendra Modi formally launching Digital India Week and welcoming corporate world to put in investment to create more employments and improve the IT and telecom infrastructure of the county, there is a thrust on IT enabled services enhance efficiency of projects of government, banking, postal, education and healthcare which can be delivered on mobile devices.

IT Infrastructure
Investments of about Rs. 4.5 lakh crore have been committed for Digital India by industrialists like Sunil Bharti Mittal, Ambanis, Azim Premji. It is estimated that the various projects and initiatives unveiled by the government and the private sector companies would offer employment to over 18 lakh people in the next five to 10 years while driving digital inclusion throughout the country.

The Digital India program will not only influence the lives of 1.2 billion people of India, but it has paved the ways to IT and telecom companies to invest more in this whole program by doing local manufacturing and setting up local infrastructure to improve the challenges related to broadband connectivity, cyber threats and required skill-sets.

Undoubtedly, Digital India represents a huge opportunity for the telecom and IT industry. The broadband highways initiative, for instance, will require operators to provide connectivity to more than 42,300 villages. Authorities also want common service centers to be made available in 250,000 villages across the country by March 2017, connecting 150,000 post-offices to serve consumers.

For service providers, Digital India is likely to expand the data market. As more consumers begin taking advantage of data technology to use government services, operators will need to expand their networks, services and applications.

In total, there are nine components to the program which can be a goldmine for the IT sector including broadband highways; universal access to mobile connectivity; public Internet access; e-governance; eKranti (the electronic delivery of services); information for all; electronics manufacturing; IT for jobs; and Early Harvest Program, and deployment of biometric attendance systems in central government offices in Delhi.

The government is heavily banking on the IT industry for the success of its “Digital India” initiative and realization of its “Make in India” campaign.

Expansion of the IT/BPM industry’s portfolio and capabilities has made India the only country other than the US to provide end-to-end services across domains, including internet and e-commerce, said the Minister presented at the Digital India Week Launch.

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