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Information security has come a long way: AccelPro CEO

Since its inception an year ago, network security services provider AccelPro has acquired 30 enterprise customers. The company's SSL VPN solution is their flagship offering. Aditya Malhotra, co-founder and CEO, shares his insights with SupportBiz on their enterprise offerings and trends in the market.

What are the key drivers for your business?

When we entered the market we understood the pain points of IT managers. So we designed our SSL VPN solution according to the needs of CIOs.

Our SSL VPN solutions are 20 percent to 30 percent faster than other available solutions. Performance and speed are our key attractions. We have integrated WAN acceleration into our SSL VPN offering which enables information access experience much faster.

What are the key Network Security trends that are driving the market?

The information security market has come a long way.

From anti-virus to firewall security to content filtration to intrusion prevention system to UTMs, the industry has witnessed great evolution. Now talking about present market trends the biggest trend which we can see is the need for sharing the enterprise application with non-LAN users. There is a growing need where CIOs are facing huge challenges in sharing business applications with a broader segment of people.

Similarly, cloud is also becoming a great enabler for businesses. And cloud security can be witnessed as a major trend in the information security domain.

What is the market size for SSL VPN?

According to Gartner; globally the market size of standalone SSL VPN market will reach INR1,000 crore.

The US and Europe account for approximately 80 percent of the market size. However, Asia, Middle East and Africa are considered to be growing markets but they account for just eight percent market of the global pie. India is a rapidly growing market. Things are moving at a great pace in India and in the right direction.

How do you ensure better and easy management with regards to security for the complex IT environment?

We do not have complex consoles to manage. Our solution lets the CIO or IT manager to manage from a single port to multiple ports. Seamless and universal access to the CIOs makes their professional life quite easy.

What are the key demands of CIOs with regards to faster and easier access to enterprise applications?

With the need to take the enterprise application outside the LAN user base, CIOs are facing huge pressures to expand their outreach.

Either sales channel partners, service partners and in some cases end customers, all of them want to access enterprise application. In such a scenario, the CIOs must have to make their system robust and accesible enough to engage the various stakeholders of their business.

How do you ensure that Indian SMEs adopt solutions like this? Considering the fact that they are very cost sensitive.

Yes, we do believe that SMEs in India should avail best possible security solutions for their computing needs.

Through our products we target the SME segment aggressively. Our solution starts from 50 concurrent users to 20,000 concurrent users. We understand the needs of SMEs as they are price sensitive, so we have designed our products according to their needs. We also understand that SMEs need stronger authentication mechanism. BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is also catching up among SMEs from India. This requires redundant application level security.

What kind of SMEs do you target?

Any growing organization from any vertical which have deployed employee portals, CRM, ERP or email messenger can be our customer.

What are your expansion plans?

We are open for the series ‘A’ venture capital funding. We have already crossed profitability and we are now looking at moving to the US and Europe markets.