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Tech Mate A localized business model

Noida, Uttar Pradesh-based start-up is a speciality online platform that home delivers food, groceries, among other things. Ankur Mehrotra, the firm's CEO, shared the business model and the company's growth plans with SupportBiz.

Edited excerpts of the interview:

DeliveryOnCall has been in operation for about a year. What are its strengths?

The basic theme of our business is all about presenting a win-win preposition -- we can reach out to the common consumer and home deliver their daily household and utility needs. For our retailer partners, we help them in their growth by increasing their sales.

We understand the local consumers’ daily needs and we have partnered with local businesses and utility services dealing in food; groceries; bakery products; laundry; repair shops; vegetable shops; bill payment and utility services providers. In this way we try to act as a unique resource for the consumer for a wide range of household needs.

Please share your experiences as an entrepreneur?  

We started the activity in November, 2011. The project was completely self-funded without any external financial support. We decided to strengthen our backend processes at the very beginning and hence we invested our resources in building the portal, understanding the market and consumers. The experience, so far, has been wonderful and we are growing.

You recently inked a large contract with Mother Dairy and will home deliver their products. How would this contract help your business?

Bagging the Mother Dairy contract for the home delivery of their products is a boost to our business and it shows that we are moving in the right direction.

We will have a separate strategy for the home delivery of Mother Dairy products -- we will ensure better logistics to ensure the product reaches the consumer’s door step, safely. As of now this service is available only in the Noida region. But we are looking at scaling up and providing this service in parts of the country as well.

As of now, we are present in Noida and Indrapuram (Ghaziabad), in Uttar Pradesh. We will be enter new markets soon.

What has been your market impact so far?

DeliveryOnCall has added a network base of a few thousands consumers over the past few months. We are expecting this figure to double in next few months. The main reason for such growth is the fact that we have partnered with large brands such as Mother Dairy.  

What is your business model?

We claim to be niche and exclusive as we have a business model which works locally. We get associated with the local retailer and expand their market outreach by serving the local consumer. Any local retailer, restaurant or utility service provider who wants to expand his / her outreach to consumers can partner with us. Our business model is to procure and deliver at the local level. This is by far a unique model and we will grow gradually by foraying into newer geographies.

What are your expansion plans?

We are seriously looking out for new licensing partners across India.  We will provide competitive strategies and an efficient back-end support to the licensee company.

According to the nature of the business, networking with local players for the delivery of the products and services is going to be the key focus for us. Ultimately we want to be present in as many cities as possible so that the impact of our business would be significant. However, at this stage we expect a total investment of around Rs.5-10 lakh from partners. We expect a faithful and committed relationship with our networking partners.