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Delivering technical support: iYogi

Customer service is a vital component for the business growth of SMEs. iYogi understands the utility of technical support for SMEs perfectly.

In an exclusive interaction with SupportBiz, Uday Challu, CEO and co-founder,  iYogi, highlights his company’s offerings  for SMEs. He also speaks  about the key trends that are evolving in the SME domain.

Edited excerpts:

What is the importance of SMEs for iYogi?

The SME market in India is exponentially growing, and possesses great business potential. According to Access Markets International partners (AMI Partners), the size of the market is estimated at Rs. 10,000 crore, across more than four million businesses in India. We, as a company, understand the potential of SMEs for our business, and  are aggressively building our capabilities to address the needs of Indian SMEs with regards to  customer engagement.

What are the areas  through which iYogi is addressing  Indian SMEs?

Being a global provider of tech support, we have worked with several SMEs across the globe, and we understand their unique business environment. We have developed services that are uniquely positioned for this segment. We have introduced iYogi’s Business NonStop service for Indian SMEs. The tech support opportunity in India is exploding, based on the rapid adoption of technology among consumers and businesses, their growing technology dependency, and the increasing complexity created by a heterogeneous device environment.

What are the key technology trends that are evolving in the SME market?

SMEs in India are aggressively adopting mobility. We have witnessed the rapid proliferation of devices, including smart phones and tablets. Considering this as a major driver, the tech support market is underserved, and the opportunities  are large and glaring.

What are the key attractions of Business NonStop for SMEs?

This  service offering is designed keeping in mind the exact  way SMEs want to do business. When we look at a typical SME’s business environment, the usual challenges  faced  are largely due to less manpower resources. They always face a resource crunch. Hence, we have developed a solution which can manage the  IT infrastructure of SMEs without  forcing them to spend their resources on the management aspect.

Business NonStop plan comes in three variants: Pro, Pro Plus, and Pro Premium. Under the Business NonStop plans, organizations will get comprehensive technical support for a minimal amount, starting from just  Rs. 249  per month. Business NonStop Pro Plus is for organizations with 5-25 PCs,  while Business NonStop Pro Premium is for organizations with more than 25 PCs.  

How has iYogi’s business journey been so far?

We have witnessed rapid growth since our inception. It is been six years  since we have been operating,  and we plan to maintain this growth by focusing on three areas, namely geographic expansion, focus on SMEs, and mobility as an area with innovation to capitalize  growth.

We have introduced service plans that provide remote and onsite support for the widest variety of computing devices and software in the country.