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Cloud becoming major enabler among SMEs

In an exclusive interview with SupportBiz, Amitabh Jacob, Director - Channels, India & Saarc, Symantec, offered an overview of technology adoption among SMEs. He highlighted the trends of technology adoption and information security threats faced by Indian SMEs. He also discussed how Symantec is targeting this segment.

Edited excerpts from the interview:

What are the key trends that you are observing among Indian SMEs?

Over the past few years, Indian SMEs have shown immense potential in a variety of industry verticals. They have also shown great interest towards the adoption of technology. Some SME segments have emerged as technology-driven verticals. SMEs in e-commerce and BFSI have produced great examples by using cutting-edge technologies. Adoption of mobility-based solutions, cloud solutions and the use of hand-held devices has become common among SMEs. Functional areas like marketing and sales are becoming optimized by the usage of technology.  In this backdrop, SMEs have become an important focus for Symantec.

How is the security landscape among SMEs  changing?

If we analyse the threat landscape, it shows that SMEs have become soft targets for security threats.  Although the dependence on information has increased manifold, the preparedness towards adopting security infrastructure is still missing among SMEs. A regulatory environment and the adoption of international standards are also becoming  game changers among SMEs.

Some SMEs  follow compliance due to the government’s enforcement.  However, in today’s context, most of the Indian smaller businesses are also following international standards in order to compete globally and adhere to security standards in order to safeguard their customers’  data. SMEs are also exploding in the market in terms of growth of data and device growth. Since the dependence on data is continuously growing and the role of technology is becoming decisive on the performance of business, security of data must remain an important aspect of IT infrastructure for every small and medium business.

How do you see the adoption of cloud solutions among SMEs?

Cloud solutions are becoming very common among SMEs. Industry stakeholders and even government-level policymakers have understood that cloud computing can become great business enablers for SMEs.  The infrastructure has also become favourable for technologies like cloud. Cost and availability of bandwidth have become more appealing,  enabling any SME to introduce any new business application on cloud environment. Apart from upfront cost savings, cloud computing also allows entrepreneurs to plan their IT expenditure as an operational expense instead of a capital expense. 

How does Symantec look at  cloud-based solutions?

Symantec is in a unique position to offer  cloud-based solutions. According to a global-level market survey, 65% of enterprises will adopt mobility solutions by 2015. India  has also been covered in this survey, and the country  indicates similar trends towards cloud mobility adoption. So, the opportunity for us is huge.

Which are the product categories that are becoming popular as cloud-based solutions?

Solutions like end-point security, e-mail archiving and back-up on cloud  are becoming very popular on the cloud environment. Although it is an evolving model,  SMEs are aggressively showing  an interest on these fronts while adopting cloud solutions.