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Blackberry bets big on SMEs

It is has been only a brief period of time since Blackberry introduced the Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) 10 platform for the Indian market. The company says that the response from the Indian market so far has been amazing, including that from the SME customers.

In an exclusive interaction with SupportBiz, Scott Totzke, Senior Vice President, Blackberry,  talked about  the key highlights of BES 10 and Blackberry’s focus towards Indian SMEs.

Edited excerpts:

What  has been the response to Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) 10  from the Indian market?

 Since launching  this platform,  we have over 500 customers already using  it. There   has been a phenomenal response from the Indian market.

How  are Indian SMEs  accepting BES 10?

We  have been getting a great response  from the SME segment. We do consider SMEs as an important category for this product portfolio. The ease of management in business applications on BYOD environment through BES 10 platform has proved to be a great attraction for SMEs. The solution offers great balance between work and personal data.

What are the trends that you observe in the Indian SME market?

BYOD is clearly becoming a strong trend in this sector. More and more organizations are moving towards enabling their employees to use their own devices for corporate work. With the  prevalence of this policy, the security of corporate data is fast becoming  a priority for organizations. BES 10 and BB10 applications allow simple and easy management of corporate data on any device.

What are the challenges that SMEs are facing in managing  growth of data?

Today, data is getting generated  every second. Corporate organizations have sufficient resources for  data management, but SMEs usually work in a tight resource environment. In such a situation, SMEs often face challenges in managing  data, taking control of business-sensitive data, and ensuring enforcement of policies that are designed to ensure the security of corporate data.

The biggest threats from  being vulnerable to exposure of business-sensitive data   are data leakage and unethical information sharing. In such cases, chances of business-sensitive information getting lost  are very high.  However, due to the fact that SMEs cannot easily afford to hire dedicated people for data management and security, this problem becomes pervasive.

How does this solution  work?

The BES 10 platform can enhance the level of control of the system administrator on corporate data.Business-sensitive data, which resides on an employee’s personal device, can have secured monitoring and control by the system administrator. With the BES 10 solution, partitions for storage of business data and personal data can easily be created. The partition in which business-sensitive information  resides  can be controlled, monitored and managed remotely by the system administrator. On the other hand, the employee is free to use his/her personal applications on the same device. Moreover, if the employee leaves the organization, the system administrator can easily wipe out the business-sensitive data on his device.

What are the price  benefits of this platform, which  would  be of interest to  Indian SMEs?

There are various options available from Blackberry. Customers can pick and choose  modules  from our solutions portfolio. The prices  start from  Rs. 99 per month per user and go up to Rs. 700.  However, in order to cater to the typical SME environment, we will soon be coming up with hosted services of our solutions. We have already tied up with a local partner, who will help in the customization of these services and  reaching out to the market.