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Applane: Cloud solutions for educational institutions

The education system of India is on the threshold of a new dawn. Technology has become a key enabler in this segment.

Understanding this potential, Gurgaon-based Applane Solutions has come out with a cloud-based integrated software suite for managing all the functions of schools and educational institutions in a more efficient way.

In an exclusive interaction with SupportBiz, Shobhit Elhance, Vice President, Applane Solutions, shared the prevailing trends among technology adoption among educational institutions, and key insights  into his latest product offering.

Edited excerpts:

What  are the  key attractions of your solution?

Applane for Education is  the only ERP solution on the Google platform which exclusively targets  schools. Our solution is now successfully associated with more than  100 schools across India. Through this solution, we provide various solutions that are designed to meet the unique needs of teachers, students and school administration  staff. Hence, the solution helps  educational institutions  become technologically advanced and well-equipped.

Applane for Education is the fastest-growing software based on  latest technology, which guarantees a 99% up time. It is hosted on best cloud infrastructure, which scales in real time on the basis of loads.

What are  the features are covered in this solution?

The solution offers various integrated modules, which help educational institutes in enhancing the  accuracy  of their operations. These modules help teachers, students, parents, as well as administrators in core educational processes, including admissions, student information management, student fee collection, recruitment processes, staff/HR management, inventory management, accounting, managing time  and attendance, library management, and many more activities.

What are the main drivers for  market acceptance of your product?

We  have been trying to empower  educationational institutions  to achieve higher efficiency in operations, effective management, better co-ordination, and optimum utilization of available resources by providing accurate and relevant information 24X7. This  solution is very soon going to be shortlisted  among the top software by CBSE. Applane for Education goes beyond general institution management software by enhancing the brand image of the institution to that of being a modern, technology-savvy institution. Our clients have understood the value  our solutions have  provided them.

What is your market penetration level?

Currently, our solution is successfully deployed with several best-managed schools across India like K.R. Mangalam School, Universal High School (Mumbai) and Army Public Schools. Some of these schools  have been working with Applane for more than 3-4 years now. Various modules of our solution have  helped different clients of ours create a success story. For example, Applane CCE Report Card Generation software module has significantly helped the Army Public School, Ambala. This software has covered all the aspects of CCE, with latest guidelines from CBSE. Being an online application, it has made it easier for teachers to work as per their convenience.

How does this solution work?

Applane for Education is available On Demand (Software as a Service). It is hosted on dedicated servers at the  extremely safe and reliable data centers of Google. Any user of the institution will be able to access it online, using the internet, any time, anywhere.