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‘Within a year, Printland has served 15,000 SMEs’

Bringing SMEs and printing expertise closer, Printland.in is a unique initiative that provides the benefits of an online designing tool, user uploads and professional templates.

Headquartered in Delhi, Printland  has served more than 15,000 SMEs in the one year since its inception. Sandeep Behl, CEO of Printland.in, spoke  about  his company’s growth drivers and the potential of the market in an exclusive interaction with SupportBiz.

Edited excerpts:


What is Printland key positioning in the market?

We are a one-stop web2print shop, focusing exclusively on the SME segment. Our offerings are designed for corporate business printing, corporate merchandise  and gifts, personalised gifts with custom printing, and readymade design solutions.

We aim to  offer convenience to  our SME customers through our portal and  our express delivery capability, which allows us to take our  services  to the doorstep of our customers.  We ensure delivery of material overnight in major Indian cities and offer express delivery anywhere in the world.

With our services, customers can redefine their document management experience, as we have integrated automated printing, innovative design studio and cloud technologies.

What is the  impact you have created so far?

We have served over 15,000 customers since our launch in 2012.  Our major focus is on SMEs, and around 80% of the total number of customers  are from the SME category.

Traditionally,  printing  has been considered to be a  tiresome process   by most  small  organizations. The conventional printing processes that   are in practice in most SMEs  are time-consuming and cumbersome. We have tried to simplify things for SMEs with regards to printing.

Tapping this great opportunity has been a great experience. We have already made a great start, and have clocked an impressive growth and turnover in the first year of our business itself.

What are your plans for   the next level of business growth?

In our first year of operations, we made it easier for small businesses to buy commercial printing with transparency and better customer service, and brought quality to the industry. This year, we plan to expand our market outreach and enhance our technologies to bring greater value to our growing customer base.

We are presently scaling up our SEO activities and creating tie-ups and partnerships to reach our targeted 26 million SMEs across the country.  We cannot share  our growth plans  in detail,  but we are definitely creating branding around our name.

What are the challenges  that you foresee in  document management and printing  among SMEs?

We see more opportunities than challenges.  Our customers find our product and service  a whiff of fresh air in an otherwise dull and mysterious printing industry where small orders also take a lot of time and money.

The major challenge for us will always be to reach  our entire target customer base.

What compelled you to foray into this segment?

We were aware   of the huge opportunity  in printing needs among small and growing organizations,   as  it has not been touched by web technologies so far. I believed  that I could build  an enduring business model around this area, which has the capability of becoming India’s largest printing company.  I am happy to say that we are already breaking even   after just a year  of business operations.

Are you open to venture capital support?

Yes, we are. The market that we plan to capture is huge, and  venture capital  can help us in doing so. It will enable  faster growth and branding.