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SuperReceptionist: Generating high quality sales leads

Lead generation is an integral aspect for the growth for businesses. For SMEs, it becomes very crucial.

Considering this,  Knowlarity, a cloud telephony company, has developed a solution by the name of SuperReceptionist, which is targeted  at SMEs. As the name conveys, SuperReceptionist ensures peace of mind for SMEs as far as new business and the maintaining of  relations  with existing customers is concerned.

“No missed business opportunities while you  travel  or vacation. Everything is streamlined. Your business runs on autopilot while you  eat, sleep, travel or work,”  states Pallav Pandey, COO and co-founder of Knowlarity, about SuperReceptionist,  in an exclusive interaction with SupportBiz.

Edited excerpts:

What is your advice to aspiring entrepreneurs?

 An aspiring entrepreneur  must wait till he/she finalizes the marketing roadmap of their  product. Aspiring entrepreneurs must have ready the strategy for marketing  their product well in advance. How are  they going to generate leads? What kind of leads should  pursue? What budget should  they allocate to  their marketing team?  The  aspiring entrepreneur should be clear about these aspects.

Usually, entrepreneurs have  limited budgets for marketing. How can this  be tackled?

If  an entrepreneur is operating on a shoestring budget, he/she will have to address the low quality vs. high quality issue soon. Here is the thing – low quality leads need a lot of nurturing. From a sales point of view, there  is a lot of cold calling needed to convert them into sales. This means a lot of organizational resources  getting diverted towards non-essential activities like sales and marketing. This is not good,  considering that the business is already operating on a shoestring budget.

On the other hand, high quality leads  need a lesser amount of persuasion. In this case, the leads already have the resources and the motivation to buy from  you. 

It is advisable  that  before you start digging for high quality leads, you must be sure that the cost of acquisition does not exceed the benefits from these leads. If  an entrepreneur has  a limited budget, it is better to go for a high volume of low quality leads. The impact will not be the same, but the operational expenses will not go out of control.

How can SuperReceptionist help you pursue leads without spending too much?

Yes, there is a possibility of pursuing high quality leads without busting your financial reserves. Too good  to be true? The SuperReceptionist allows you to pursue high quality leads at a fraction of the cost it takes to pursue these leads with the help of conventional techniques. It  works like this: a  customer calls a local phone directory service  regarding the availability of a service within a particular geographic area. The directory service provider gives him/her the information  required, thus leading to a high quality lead for the firm. The SuperReceptionist keeps a tab of the leads generated in this manner.

What are the major attractions of SuperReceptionist  for an SME?

The leads generated through the SuperReceptionist  are invariably of high quality, because the prospects need little convincing to  get converted into sure-shot sales. Provided that there is an agreement, the SuperReceptionist passes  on such leads to the service providers.

This process is quick and efficient. Moreover, it saves SMEs  the trouble of gathering leads by cold-calling prospects, buying e-mail lists, and so on. It helps them save money, too, because service providers do  not need a big sales and marketing budget for using this  facility.