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Last-mile comfort for travelers: Taxiforsure

Online aggregator of taxis and car rentals in India, Taxiforsure, has formulated an agreement with This tie-up will offer Makemytrip customers access to a reliable taxi service in the city of their choice, at the best value.

In an exclusive interview with SupportBiz, Aprameya Radhakrishna, founder and Director,  Taxiforsure,  states, “This  tie-up has a great potential, since we target customers who plan their air travel, train travel or a holiday. With this partnership, we offer our customers easy access to last-mile connectivity.”

Edited excerpts:

What is the kind of  business that is expecting from this tie-up?

We are expecting mostly airport transfers from Makemytrip. We would also get outstation, full/half day bookings. The number of bookings we get is purely based on the prices we offer and the service level associated. We are offering flat rates  for airport travel, starting at Rs. 680 to the airport and Rs. 630 from the airport.  We have per km. rates starting  from Rs. 14 per km. to the airport and Rs. 10 per km. from the airport.

How is this  new service  going to be rolled out?

This service is presently live in Bangalore, and will soon be active in Delhi, Mumbai and other cities. As part of  our promotional offer, Taxiforsure cabs will be available for airport drops at Rs. 14 per km. and for airport pick-ups  at Rs. 10 per km. Taxiforsure  also offers the best flat fares to get to and from the airport, at Rs. 650 and Rs. 450 respectively in Bangalore.

Are you planning to expand your market coverage in the near future?

Definitely.Wwe are looking to start servicing Delhi bookings as well in the near future. We  will gradually expand to Mumbai, Pune, Chennai and Hyderabad.

What are the  emerging trends you are  noticing in this business?

Consumers are looking for value for money rather than the cheapest option or fancy  ideas. That is exactly what Taxiforsure brings  to the table. 

How has the previous financial year been for your business, in terms of revenues?

We have grown at the rate of 30%-40% month-on-month in the last year. We are expecting to continue growing rapidly this year as well.

What are your expectations from the next one year?

We will enter multiple cities in the coming year. We will  also focus on growing rapidly in all the cities we are present in, and provide  value-for-money services wherever we go. Our customer app, which is in the testing phase, with access to a few chosen customers only, will  drastically help in improving  the booking experience  for our customers. 

Are you planning for a VC pitch? If yes, what would be the size of VC funding that you are looking for?

We are presently not looking for funding from outside. Our existing investors are supporting us actively.