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Time Management Skills to Ace Government Exams

Every year, lakhs of candidates appear for various government exams across the country in order to secure the job of their dreams.

Two of the most awaited government examinations are IBPS PO 2018 and SSC CGL2018.

While IBPS PO 2018 opens gateway for various government job opportunities in the banking sector, SSC CGL 2018 qualifiers can apply for various posts in the government sector. However, cracking these exams is not an easy task and very few are able to do so.

Remember every candidate has the same number of hours in a day. What separates the toppers from the rest is how efficient they are in managing their time before the exam. Candidates need discipline, extensive yet realistic planning, smart strategies and a schedule to ace such exams.

Cracking government exams may not be a cake walk, but a making a schedule and following the same can help you enhance your preparation. Here are a few time management skills that one needs to inculcate during preparation to ace government exams.

Make your own timetable

The objective of preparing a timetable before starting with your preparation is to have a clear idea of how much you have to study in a given time. Make a timetable according to the syllabus and stick to it. Plan your time in such a manner that you have enough time to study, practice and revise as well. Make sure to add breaks at regular intervals to stay fresh and energized.

Choose your own time of study

There is no specific time when you should study. According to many, early risers have a fresh mind and can soak up information faster than others, while many brilliant students study till late night, when the rest of their family is asleep.

So, if you are comfortable studying early in the morning, prepare your routine accordingly. If you are a night owl and your brain works faster at night, so prepare a schedule according to that. The focus should be on utilizing as much time available to make the most of your preparation.

Read newspaper

In the morning while sipping your cup of tea or coffee or in the afternoon when you are taking a break from your study routine, pick up the newspaper and go through it. This will make your free time more productive and also keep you updated about the recent events all around the world. Being equipped with current affairs will also help you score in the general knowledge section of the exam.

Prepare a study map

To enhance your learning skills, set up a study map and point out your strengths and weaknesses. Put in more time and efforts to prepare the weak areas and keep enough time for revision of the same.

For strong areas, keep enough time for practice and revision. Do not skip difficult topics, take time to understand these concepts, paper pattern etc.

Separate time slots for each subject

Various government exams have somewhat similar or slightly different syllabus. Prepare your study plan according to the syllabus of the exam you are aspiring for. There are at least three sections in most of the exams. So allot separate time slots for each. This will help you to prepare more efficiently.

For general knowledge follow newspapers, televisions and magazines. You may get distracted by entertainment news, but remember only important global events are required for the examinations. Focus on relevant information related to politics, socio-economics, sports, history, geography, science and technology etc.

Take help of technology

Give technology a chance to assist you in your preparation. Use planners, diaries, organizers or smartphone apps to help you create timetables and set up reminders. You can also use sticky notes to remember important information. Choose whatever suits your study plan.

Create a customized wall of information

The idea behind this technique is to find out a way to keep important information close to your sight so that they are never forgotten. You can put up sticky notes on the walls of your study room for this purpose. Important formulas, theorems, dates and other information can be stuck on the walls on a big chart paper. By doing this all those information will be always right in front of your eyes, you will be able to memorize them better and revise them whenever you like. You can also hang your study routine on the walls.

Solve questions and practice sets

As everyone knows, just studying cannot help you ace competitive examinations unless you solve sample questions. Spending a lot of time just memorizing theories and concepts will not be of any value unless you apply them in solving problems.

You can find previous years’ papers online or you can buy practice sets from the market. Solve more problems to improve your speed and accuracy. It will also help you decide how much time you can spare for each section and question during the final examination.

Take a break

We all know the idiom “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. So, don’t dig your face in books all day. It will tire you out and make you demotivated. Find some free time for yourself each day. Listen to music or indulge in some outdoor activities. If you own a pet, spend time with them. You can also take short naps to stay fresh and active.