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Tier II And III Cities Best Places To Grow Business

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New Delhi: While there are enough medical experts available in the Tier 1 cities, the same cannot be said about the Tier II and Tier II cities. It is here that the Medical Second Opinion is looking to make a difference, where going online will help the people to connect with the of best doctors in metropolitan cities.

Founded in 2012, Medical Second Opinion is one of the India's leading online portal, which brings doctors and physicians of various specialties and functions under one common platform.  It was launched to offer second opinion to patients from the best doctors of various specialties on one roof. 

In an interaction with SupportBiz.com, Sachin Chaudhary, Founder and CEO, Medical Second Opinion, says that taking business online is the best way to expand a business and especially this helps people from Tier II and Tier III cities to connect. 

According to him, Tier II and Tier III cities have been the most important place where a SME can grow and they are the main reason for the establishment of this venture. "We started the company in order to connect those patients in tier 2 and 3 cities with doctors whose opinions are considered final but live in metropolitan cities in India.”

The company has recently launched its first Connected OPD in Jaipur, where top doctors in 10 specialties will travel to consult the patients in their respective cities itself.  Plans are on for other OPDs to be launched in Srinagar, Indore, Lucknow, Patna, Dehradun, Shillong, Jammu and Bangalore. 

For starting a business, an entrepreneur needs three things, Idea, capital and Manpower. On the idea Sachin said, “The idea behind the venture arose from the lack of access between patients in tier 2 and 3 cities and India’s leading doctors, who are largely in metropolitan cities.”

For every consultation, the patient requires extensive planning in terms of scheduling appointments, travelling the distance and sometimes having to wait long hours for the final consultation. All these lead to high cost, time and energy both for the patient and the family members.

The venture would help to fill the gap and the initial investment was funded by the Founder, soon he was joined by the Singapore-based GAP VC.  It was not just investment but a strategic partnership from the Fund house. In fact Company intends to raise $3-5 million in the next 6 month to fund the expansion and support the growth. The company has got a good response so far. 

“In its 4 months of intensive operations, the company already witnesses a monthly consultation load of over a hundred patients,” added Sachin. The company has 80 doctors on board with us who are leaders in their departments of the hospitals in India and the world over. The company 10,000 registrations with more joining in every month. More than half of the individuals using the platform are from tier 2 and 3 cities along with a lot of employee interest generated in corporate for its continuous use as well.