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There Is No Ease Of Doing Business in India: MSME Minister

Priority is to make maximum efforts in the direction of entrepreneur development and skill development so that training of our youth as per the requirements of industry and enable them to get employment or start their own enterprise.

New Delhi: Giving the report card of his government's 100 days in office, Union Minister for micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME), Kalraj Mishra on Tuesday said that India is a laggard from the angle of ease of doing business and his government is working on that.

"Our country is a laggard from the angle of ease of doing business i.e., how easily we can set up an enterprise and within our country also different situations can be seen in different states. In all these contexts, when we took charge, we started working on five priorities," Mishra told media at a press conference in New Delhi.

He said, "An entrepreneur faces various types of hardships in establishing his enterprise whether it be micro or small or medium level and also everyday comes across many struggles in promoting his enterprises."

While giving the details of five priorities, the MSME minister has said that First and foremost, to know that how our present schemes are doing and what type of shortcomings are being seen and what type of hardships are being faced by the people working at this grass root level in order to know them clearly we called associations of MSME concerned with various sectors from all parts of the country held meetings with them and discussed many issues seriously.

"Based on the suggestions and information we got there, we are determining the work style and policies of our ministry. Our second priority is we want to move hand in hand with state governments," said Minister.

Third priority is to streamline the procedure of establishing an enterprise and find an easy solution of all the obstacles coming in the way. "A start-up entrepreneur needs an easy credit on one hand, basic infrastructure is required on the other hand. NOCs are to be got issued from different departments.

We want to streamline this process of these facilities and online window system be developed through technology through which we can construct a conducive environment to establish an enterprise with minimum difficulties," he added. Various difficulties are to be faced to start a new enterprise especially in the field of Micro and Small sector; for this, "handholding" support along with proper training is required which we want to make available through our incubation centres.

"Our Fifth priority is that we constitute such a policy by which we make the whole sector progressive and make a positive atmosphere so that this sector achieves its full potential and contributes to make our nation a developed one," said Mishra.

He said, "To achieve this, we want to redefine Micro, Small & Medium enterprises according to this changing time. For this purpose, we want to make some amendments in MSME Development Act and bring out a policy framework which is required to make our country a "Manufacturing Hub" and to implement our vision of "Make in India" and "Made in India".

"Through this new policy, we want to give enterprises of our country zero defect and zero effect standards. Our policy will be optimum use of digital and information technology and to reach maximum number of people through social media," he added.