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Praj’s technology relieves Tirupur from textile pollution

Tirupur, the textile hub of Tamilnadu, has been facing the grave issue of water pollution as the colored effluent from bleaching and dyeing units started contaminating the water bodies.

Various technologies were implemented without a positive result which ultimately resulted in the closure of over 600 bleaching and dyeing units for almost 2 years. It was then that Praj entered the scene with its Zero Liquid Discharge solutions which boosted the confidence of textile units to effectively control groundwater pollution under the pollution norms.

A provider of global process engineering solutions, Praj’s innovative solutions to significantly add value in Water and Waste Water Treatment Plants, Bio-ethanol & Brewery Plants, and Critical Process Equipment & Systems, received back to back orders for ZLD application from the Common Effluent Treatment Plants (CETPs) based in Tirupur textile belt. Here is a glance at the successful installation of two ZLD units in Veerapandi Textile CETP and the one at Sirupooluvapatti CETP in Tirupur.

Veerapandi CETP Order

An entire plant with a 100 Kilo litre per day ZLD system based on multi effect evaporation technology was designed, engineered, fabricated and erected here by Praj on turnkey basis. The end products can be reused by the textile units and Praj’s innovative Evaporation & Crystallization technology is instrumental in solving pollution issues due to discharge of colorants. To reach a foolproof solution, Praj periodically collected and tested effluent samples, studied existing effluent treatment plants, developed customized process & engineering solutions, indicating the efficacy of the solution. This successful move brought in a contract from the same CETP to treat 700 kilo litres of effluent per day.

Sirupooluvapatti CETP Order

This order consisted of a three-stage treatment of 5000 litres making it Praj’s largest installation. The growing number of orders exemplifies the increased faith in Praj Zero Liquid Discharge System which is energy efficient and cost effective, operating for longer periods between cleaning cycles. ‘The recovered salts are reusable at dyeing units making its operations cost effective, annually’ says Mr. Pramod Chaudhari, Executive Chairman, Praj Industries.

Praj provides technology & systems for various industrial applications like pharmaceuticals, chemicals, agro chemicals & textiles and other Industrial CETPs since its launch three years ago and includes overseas orders.