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NETGEAR launches first SMB Solutions Centre in Bangalore

NETGEAR Inc., a global networking company that delivers innovative products to consumers, businesses and service providers, has set up its first demo centre in Bangalore.

The new centre will be focusing on developing business solutions across switching, storage and wireless range of products. The new Customer Demonstration Centre and Training Facilities will offer a complete pre-sales experience and a better understanding of the products to the users.

“India is the nerve-centre of our R&D activities. It is a big part of our growth story,” said Patrick Lo, CEO and Chairman of NETGEAR. “Opening of the demo centre in Bangalore is one step forward in this regard.”

NETGEAR, which is known for providing wireless solution to the end users, is also a one stop shop for SMBs & Enterprises with portfolio of switches, storage and wireless networking products.

“The concept of demo centre has become an integral part of the IT market. It helps the firms in showcasing their products and capabilities and is a must for their growth,” said Subhodeep Bhattacharya, Regional Director, India & SAARC, NETGEAR. He further added, “Through such demo centres, we will provide our customers first-hand information on the products and their benefits. We are sure that a complete SMB solution centre like this will go a long way in building a stronger relationship between NETGEAR and its customers.

In the near future, NETGEAR plans to invest substantially in opening demo centres across various strategic locations throughout India. After Bangalore, a similar demo centre in Delhi is in the pipe line. This will help the company cover both North and South India market.