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Nagpur garment industry: A brief profile

Over the years, Nagpur has been known for being the winter capital of Maharashtra and the orange (fruit) capital of India. It is the largest city in central India and was voted as the best city in the country in terms of quality of life depicted by parameters like greenery, public transport and health in a survey conducted by ABP News-Ipsos.

The fledgling garment manufacturing industry of the region has grown at a steady pace, despite not getting any measure of support from the local administration or grants from the government. Battling technology obsolescence, growing input costs and a paucity of labor, the industry brings in over Rs.1000 crore of revenue and employs over 10,000 people.

A Brief Profile of the Industry:

·         Total Number of Units: 500

·         Total Number of Employees: 10,000

·         Apex Association:

  • Association President: Debashish Ghosh
  • Association Secretary: Vipul Pachmatia

·         Key Markets: Maharashtra & Central India

·         Labor Force: Mostly Local

·         Problems Faced

  • No unit has crossed the 100-machine mark – a vital milestone for orders from big apparel brandso   Lack of design conformity and uniform quality even for smaller orders due to the inability of a single vendor to fulfill it in the stipulated timeframe
  • Hardly any export orders come because of the above two factors, which causes units to refrain from investing in latest technology
  • Commercial rate of power is very high (@7.5 per unit) despite the region producing 67% of Maharashtra’s total power output
  • Cost of land for industrial use is very high, making new units unviable in the short term
  • Land is available outside city limits but labor force is not willing to relocate or commute on a daily basis.